Vibrating Machine?

Another new gadget…

If the popular Hollywood culture is for it, then I’m agaisnt it.

Seriously though, after reading the articles, it might be something to use as part of rehabing or as a change of pace IF you were in a gym that had one.

7000 pounds British is a lot of cash.

“Instead of jogging or power walking, users are instructed to do gentle exercises like squats or stretches on the platform.”

So if you’re exercising on it anyways, what exactly is it supposed to be doing?

Didn’t they have this years ago with those belts that were supposed to jiggle your fat off or soemthing?

These things actually have a use. Inno-sport makes use of it in thier program while holding a squat. So… is that worth 10 grand to you?

Once again the stupidity of fat people is amazing… they actually will buy these things! I guess they’ll just end up in thier basement with thier NordicTrac… lol.

The vibro machine was invented in New Zealand and was tested on the space shuttle to exercise astronauts on the space shuttle and perhaps even the space station.
Basically wat is does is to vibrate you at very high frequency. It does so like a high freq teeter totter. By moving in that fashion, it forces the body to try and regain equilibrium and it does this in an oscillating fashion. When you juice it up, u can feel yur leg muscles tightening up. It is used for exercise, rehab, and as weight loss device.The machine comes in different horse-power; just like a treadmill.
I am thinking of getting it myself for my rehab gym.
I would really like to know any other have used it and what your feedback is.
In the bodybuilding world, when u dun wan to spend execessive time on aerobics, this may be a useful machine. On top of it, I guess you can use it for cutting up too.

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[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:
Didn’t they have this years ago with those belts that were supposed to jiggle your fat off or soemthing?[/quote]

I can only imagine the influx of fat women admitted to hospital after falling over trying to lose weight on the cheap whilst balancing on 2 dildo’s on full power

Athlete’s Performance Inc(Mark Verstegen’s place) in Arizona uses these, to great benefit from what I am told.

From what our trainer told me, if you stand on one for a few seconds(might be a minute or so, I don’t recall), and then go bust out some lower body stuff like squats or O-lifting, it stimulates the CNS, producing an instant gain in power and strength. Or something like that…