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Vibram Fivefingers for Lifting?


Saw some people in the gym with these kind of shoes. They look like toes on shoes...anyone seen em? Anyways was wondering if anyone had any experience lifting with them. ...so if so lemme know. Currently using classic chucks and they work great, but always open to somethin new and different. Also wanted to buy some new shoes for doing sprints and think maybe i could use these shoes for both if possible.






Quite a few threads on this already.


I wanna know if they're allowed in most powerlifting federations.


idk but five fingers are awesome! i have a squat rack at home so i do it barefoot, but when when my bro comes home we go to a gym and i ware vibram five fingers not only do i feel awesome everyone looking at them i feel strong, even though i am week. i suggest you ware them every where possible! they are awesome and pretty soon everyone will have them!


Ben Pakulski on the left. He's sponsored by Vibram.


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hahahah true... but the ones on the left are insanely huge! and he's not even up on his tippy toes as much as the other guys



They're excellent for lifting. If you want to use them for sprints check out the new Bikila model.


IMO they are great for every thing cept wide stance squats, chucks are still good for those. i wear my vibrams for everything except squats


^This about sums it up.

Unless your talking about running.


They aren't currently allowed in USAPL, but I don't know about other feds.


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Don't give a fuck who wears them or how great they are.


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love em


I lift in them and would never go back.