Vials Broken. Sub for Test?

Currently on ~600 T E/600 Tren A.
Been on cycle for a bit and I’m nearing the end of a vial of test. (I use Test E400mg/ml)
Something happened and my remaining two vials of TE400 are shattered. I’ve had another order on the way since Mar 10th, but it could be two or even three weeks before it arrives.

-Only other gear I have is EQ and Dianabol.
-I donated blood a 1-1.5 weeks ago.
-I’ve been getting a lot of nosebleeds over the last week due to dry air and Accutane. Daily nosebleeds so I’m losing a bit more blood daily.
-I’ve got plenty of ancillaries (anastrazole/nolvadex/cabergoline)

Can I use the EQ or Dianabol temporarily as a replacement for the testosterone until it gets here? I do know the EQ takes a long time and it’s got a long half life. I DID ask about using EQ in my cycle thread previously but opted out of using it. I’m only considering it as a temporary substitute. Perhaps a single big frontload?

Perhaps just use the Dianabol at a higher amount daily?

Also, there’s the option of just coming off cycle until it arrives. I’ll be honest, I’d rather not but it’s of course an option.

Thanks, all.

Weird how test being the most common steroid, it takes so long to get. I could get any type of test in 12 hours from my source, but if no, i would just write DMs in insta, to any 3 biggest guys in this country and im sure i could go get my test 1 hour from then.

Anyways… if i ware you id use dbol…
Dbol-Deca was a common cycle back when i was a kid. I dont see why Dbol-Tren wouldnt work. 50mgs a day should do it.

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I agree. Dbol has the advantage because it provides an androgen and estrogen.

@hankthetank89 Thanks, Hank. Also, I do recall our conversation on E2 crashing with EQ. After typing this up I was like, eh, that’s certainly not the route I want to go.

I usually preorder stuff far in advance and timing isn’t an issue except for random stuff like vial breakages occurring. I’ll likely homebrew stuff later this year and not have to worry about times.

@mnben87 Appreciate it. I’ll go with the Dianabol until my order arrives.