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Vials and 29G 1/2...?

Would I have any trouble getting liquid out of a 10ml or 30ml presealed vial with a 29g 1/2 needle? I think I would wouldn’t I?

Trying to figure out a way to take HcG subq with the 29g 1/2 insulin pin, getting it from one of those vials. It would work? Just hold the vial upside down and bring the liquid to the needle correct?

Sorry, this is a pathetic question but I kind of need help haha… :frowning:

hgh should be in a water based solution

it shouldn’t be in a problem

[quote]fatsuperman wrote:
hgh should be in a water based solution

it shouldn’t be in a problem


Well being transferred from the amp it came in with a larger syringe and needle, with extra solution added into a sterile container… What happens when it’s actually time for injection and a small needle is used?

Did you mean it shouldn’t be a problem or there was a problem with something I considered?

I inject 250iu EOD SQ with .5mk .5" #29 insulin syringes. When reconstituting, use a larger needle, #23 or #22. Also insert that through the dead center of the rubber, rotating the tip to cut at multiple angles. Then the #29 needle can be carefully inserted into the dead center and it will go in easily and dulling is not an issue. The .5" needle is more than long enough to get into the liquid. HCG is a peptide hormone, as is HGH. When adding the water, let it flow down the side of the vial and swirl gently to mix. Never shake. Use slow fill and injection rates as well. Keep refrigerated.

Read this research, it seems to be the only sound research base on which to base dosing:


Do not use the high doses that you read about, these can down regulate your LH receptors which would do more harm than good.

(I also inject test cyp IM EOD with the same size syringes.)

You should be getting HCG as 10,000 iu in multi dose vials that come with 10ml of sterile water in a 2nd vial as a kit. These can be had for as low as $16.25 in the USA at Sam’s Club with a business membership. Avoid ampules. If you can only get ampules, then you can fill and refrigerate whatever number of insulin syringes it takes to load the amp’s contents. Transferring from amp’s to an empty vial is not necessary.