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Vial to Mix HCG In?

Do pharmacies have empty vials to mix HCG in? If not can i use an emty gear vial?

HCG comes in a powder that’s in a vial. You mix it in said vial. If you don’t have one then order some sterile vials. You can get them on Amazon and they’re fairly cheap. But the better question is how you got HCG without it coming in a vial? Did it come in like a sandwich bag??

The vial it came in is small af?

Is it 5,000iu? That’s a standard pharmaceutical measurement so I’m assuming it is. It will hold the amount of water needed. Take a picture of you can.


It sounds like your HCG comes like mine does, in two ampules. One with powder and one with that liquid. The simplest and easiest solution is order some pre sterilized vials from the old web. There is a med lab supply site (hint hint) that sells the vials pretty cheaply. Make sure to order the presealed and sterilized vials. If memory serves me they also sell the bacteriostatic water you need to dilute the HCG to make measuring smaller amounts easier. You use to water to go from 5000iu per ml to let’s say 1000iu per ml. I am fairly sure that site isn’t the cheapest place for the water but by the time you try to make two separate orders, one for vials at the medlab supply site then another order for cheaper bacteriostatic water and then figure in shipping it is cheaper to just make one order. If you plan on cycling again then assume you will use HCG again and order 5-10vials. I have used the same vial back to back when I was running HcG during a cycle but I wouldn’t save it and reuse it months later. Something will be living in it by then. Also keep in mind that the bacteriostatic water can loose it’s ability to hinder bacteria growth so trying to use one 30ml bottle over the course of two to three cycles is a gamble. Also it does have an expiration date so I don’t think ordering 3-4 bottles at once is really a smart move. I don’t think it would go bad if still sealed but why risk it and risk ruining the HCG you dilute with potentially bad water.

I just saw your pic, why can’t you dilute in that? Should be at least a 5cc vial right there.

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What do you mean by “that liquid”? Is there any other liquid that goes into it other than the powder and the bacteriostatic water?

No, just add the water to the desired concentration and that’s it.

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Sodium chloride is the liquid. If the kit didn’t come with any then I would assume you can just use bacteriostatic water. Pretty sure it just helps your body absorb the HCG more efficiently.


That’s what my kits look like but with whatever language Turkey uses and limited English labels.