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Vial Storage for Months, Infection Risk?

how long should a vial last after it’s been pierced with a needle.
I have multi-draw vials with a stopper, can I still use them after 3 or 4 months of the first draw, should I add benzyl alcohol to the oils (test/deca) or just discard them.

If they’re stored in a dry place away from light? Literally years. Don’t add anything or mess with them. They’re made to last outside of a hospital/pharmacy setting for a very long time.

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thanks, I’m just worried about risking infection/abscess

Unless you’re filling the vials with a contaminated substance just for shits and grins your risk of infection comes not from the storage but from either 1.) injection practices, or 2.) unsterile gear from the beginning. If neither of those are an issue then you should be perfectly fine.

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