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Vial Question

I have a friend who got some gear that was packaged in individual stealth packages. He is wanting to put the contents into a vial for easier doses, but he is having a hard time finding an unused sterile vial. He has come across a couple of vials which held insulin for a diabetic friend.

Is there any way he could sterilize these vials and put his gear in them?

glassware is available online. tell him not to be a retard, and spend a few bucks for vials with true sterility.

Why in the world would you even consider doing this?

I have two words Staff Infection!

Tell your freind not to roll the dice. I’ve seen guys get infection from just injecting into their sweaty ass after working out, let alone trying to take some used vials and self sterilize.

I know everyone is gonna chime in on this and give all their boiler room techniques but man it’s not worth it risky enough using Black Market stuff but not using sterile equipment to begin with not worth the risk might work for him a dozen times but the one time it doesn’t might be devastating.

I say no but do what you gotta do, just be honest with yourself about the risks and how serious they can be.

Good Luck.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Bodyguard wrote:
I know everyone is gonna chime in on this and give all their boiler room techniques

Haha, I like this comment.

Anyway the boys are right. Don’t fu*k around with this, it’s just NOT worth it.

try researchlabsupplies.com


Lion has them. RLS has them. Titan Med Supply has them.

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting somone selling sterile sealed vials.

No shortcuts when it comes to cleanliness dude.