Vial Contamination

I took my first shot of testosterone cypionate but accidentally touched the base of the needle as it entered the vial.

It’s a multi-use vial 3 month supply. Did I just pull a major oops?

what base? the metal on the needle itself that goes into the vial?

Yes, the base of the needle closest to the body of the tube. First time and I was nervous, I accidentally touched it with my finger as it was sliding into the vial.

And did that part you touched go into the vial?

Unfortunately it did.

Its a 3 month supply and that happened on my first shot. Def not my finest moment.

Call the pharmacy. They will probably want to replace it. You may have to bring it in. Not sure the laws.

I’ve touch the needle, reuse the needle sometimes, don’t store the vial in the most sterile environment, etc. Not recommending that obviously. It’s good to take precautions but unless you wiped your ass with your bare hand and then touched the needle you likely don’t have anything to worry about.

Ordered through a rejuvenation clinic. Called the pharmacy, no dice on the replace.

Any chances it could be usable or too risky?

You are fine. If you don’t use it send it to me. I’ll test it for you

i kinda agree with dexter. I would be more careful next time, but wouldn’t worry too much.

Theres always antibiotics if you get an infection.

More careful next time you clumsy ox!

Did you just wipe your ass with your fingers? If not you are fine.

Should be fine. We have immune systems for a reason.

I have been exposing myself to germs for a long time, I haven’t had the flu since 14, I’m 47 now. I never get sick and don’t know why I bother with flu shots.

My brother has never had the flu, he’s 59. I draw the line at wiping my ass with my fingers though.

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