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Viability of rolling 5 day, twice per day split while using Androsol

Sorry about the length of the subject. Why question is for any previous users of Androsol. Quick background. I normally use a three training days per week split. I have had success using this for a nine week cycle of two weeks doubles, one week single, as per EVERYONE’S recomendations. When I decide to devote a block of time for improving some aspect of my body (muscle mass, strength, speed, etc) I adjust my life style and move into a rolling five day split to take advantage of my extra recovery ability afforded by the change. I currently weigh 190# at about 10% bodyfat. When my current lifting cycle is done, I will have exactly 15 days until I leave to go back to the USA (I am currently in Bosnia). I plan on taking the first 14 days of that period and doing a cycle of Androsol. I have never done this before, and want to gain about 10-12, keeping 8-10. I have tried a rolling five once with two a days, and I overtrained. I was wondering if anyone has had success (or failure) using a rolling five two a day for a 14 day Androsol cycle, using a hypertrophy inducing protocol? What kind of caloric intake did you use, with rough macronutrient profile? I have plenty of Ribose-C, Powerdrive and one bottle of Tribex 500. Any responses welcome.

Androsol is probably not going to boost your recovery enough to do 2 a days. anyway, 2 a days are sorta counter-productive when your looking for hypertrophy (the only time they’ve worked for me is in training OL technique). the adjustments you should do are eating more and making sure you are adding a little more volume than usual (possibly drop sets, maybe some negatives). I used the edge on recovery to train legs on only 2 days rest as opposed to 3 (alt hams and quads), and gained 14lbs in the 2 weeks. even though i was skipping an upper-body day, my upper body got bigger too.