VHS Tapes for Newbies

Hey guys! My boyfriend finally wants to start lifting. Since he is brand-spankin-new at this, I think he wants to start out at home with dumbells for a few weeks before he ventures out to a gym. He has pairs of 15, 20, 25 & 30. He’s a musical type, never an athlete.

My question is: Can you recommend some good video tapes to get him started? (I would never suggest that he use mine-they’re for women). I saw a Weider 10-tape set for sale for $75. Is that good or would that be overkill for now? The only tape Biotest has is Ian King’s Killer Legs. I’m sure it’s great but he’s really looking to hit chest, arms, back, abs. What tapes would you veterans recommend for a some-what bashful beginner? Thanks for your help.

I don’t know, he’ll learn the exercises with those Weider tapes but sometimes newbies can actually get discourages watching them because of the huge weights these guys are throwing around and the insane (and often faked) “workouts of the pros”. He may want to pick up one of those “encyclopedia” of bodybuilding books that describes all the exercises. Just don’t follow the workouts described in most of them (30 sets for arms etc.) They just aren’t made for average, non-drug users. Arnold’s is good and I think Kennedy has a newer encyclopedia out that’s okay. If he must have videos, then I’d advise renting the Weider tapes. Most rental places have them in the fitness section. They’re not worth buying in my opinion. He may also want to read my “Beginner’s Blast Off” program in issue 130 of T-mag in the “Dawg School” column. In fact, get him to read all of those columns. It’ll take years off his learning curve.

Ian King is working on a set. If he were to start with these he would also be ahead of the curve. The exercises are from the “Limping…” series. Use the search engine and check it out.

Get Brooks Kubiks video: Dumbbell Training. And if your boyfriend wants to add muscle to his arms, chest and back, he has to add it to his legs. Squats are king!!! If he follows Ian Kings tape, he will build his upper body as well.

just get him to read this site and maybe purchase ian kings book, “Get Buffed”. i guarantee you he will learn more that way than a set of weider tapes.

There are many books to help you get started but one of the best and easiest books to get your hands on is Arnold’s Education of a Bodybuilder. Not only is it inspiring, but it explains to you bodybuilding from every aspect. It’s an old and common book so your local library should have it in stock with no problem. Start off with that and if he really gets into it, move on from there. Also for beignners, start of with freehand exercises such as pull ups and push ups to strengthen the muscles before jumping on to weights all at once. Take care and good luck.

Thanks to everyone for your input. I’ll go to the good 'ole public library and he’ll be attending Dawg School. And thanks for saving us $75! I knew I’d get the best answers here…you guys are awesome!

Today is your lucky day. Ian King just announced a new video tape that explains all the exercises in his book “Get Buffed.” If you want to know how to do all the exercises listed in his 12-week program, this is your best choice.

You can purchase it through his site: www.kingsports.net

I believe the price was $197 for a few tapes that cover all the exercises. This is EXACTLY what your boyfriend needs. He will make much better progress than any of us ever did when we first started training. Check it out. You will be more than satisfied!