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Vets Please Look: On Orals...

I was just curious as to this subject. I don’t plan to do orals in my first cycle (starting soon just waiting on the gear to arrive) but in the future I may look into it. I’ve taken a few pharmacology courses in the past and, while looking through an old textbook to find something, I stumbled on the specifics of rectal administration.

Now my curiosity lies as to whether this may apply to steroids as well. Knowing that, when administrated rectally, there are less vessels leading to the liver and more leading to direct systemic circulation post-administration, and therefore avoidance of the “first pass effect” for most of a drug is possible, thereby saving your liver from more damage then necessary. As this is possible with a lot of orally administrated drugs (since oral technically means from the GI tract to the anus), is it also a possibility with oral steroids?

I look forward to hearing your answers. I did a search on the internet but I could not find any answers. If this is the case, I think everyone will be a little more educated about this subject, if they find it convenient to do so. I know this is the route I’ll take in the future if it’s fully possible.

-Joey D

I don’t know about orals but in my line of work I’ve seen an individual die from administering alcohol in their rectum.

Wait wait wait, what line of work are you into lol? Also, second the toxicity of oral steroids is exaggerated by most, alcohol is harder on your liver. I’ve only been able to find a few cases of serious liver problems(not that I’m an expert or anything) and they were all guys eating d-bol like they were skittles.

Don’t start shoving drol up yer ass, just take them in recommended dosages and keep your cycle under 7-8 weeks depending on what you’re taking and the dosage, and pop some liver protectors like milk thistle at 1000mg ed and you’ll be fine.

[quote]AKBoxer wrote:
Wait wait wait, what line of work are you into lol?

EMT … I should have specified that one. LMAO

[quote]AKBoxer wrote:
I’ve only been able to find a few cases of serious liver problems(not that I’m an expert or anything) and they were all guys eating d-bol like they were skittles. [/quote]

I’ve seen some sources with fruit-flavored dianabol tabs.

“D-Bol… taste the rainbow.”

Bumping this up. Still really curious as to the answer, or possible counter-theories etc…

Icegiant - I’ve never heard of someone even doing that so I have no idea on how that happened. My alcohol metabolism knowledge isn’t up to scratch so I wouldn’t know for sure, but my guesses would be that he killed some essential bacteria in his tract, or that he tried to put straight ethanol up there.

If that is the case, the poor bastard doesn’t know that pure ethanol isn’t pure (rubbing alcohol or research grade). It comes denatured with methanol (which is HIGHLY toxic) for tax purposes.

So you’re actually considering shoving pills up your poop chute on a daily basis?

This has actually been discussed a couple times before, as sad as that is. This one is the only one with serious discussion:


Technically, it’s only ‘denatured’ if its a protein, but you’re right. :slight_smile: It’s also to keep morons like that from trying to drink it on the cheap.

This whole idea is just unbelievably gnarly…

I’m no expert haven’t done steroids but shoving pills up your ass doesn’t sound like a pleasant idea. If you really worried about doing some oral like dianbol also why not just take some armidex while on cycle. That along with pct I would assume should be pretty alright.

As I said I’m not doing it on my first cycle, but maybe in future cycles Shizen. I’m not worried at all, I was just curious as to the possibility of this, as taking a drug rectally isn’t that invasive (although multiple doses a day is). I find it hilarious that it works though, stick things up your butt and get huge because of it.

Also, Aragorn:
de·na·ture /di neɪt r/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[dee-ney-cher] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
�??verb (used with object), -tured, -tur·ing.

  1. to deprive (something) of its natural character, properties, etc.

2. to render (any of various alcohols) unfit for drinking by adding an unwholesome substance that does not alter usefulness for other purposes.

  1. Biochemistry. to treat (a protein or the like) by chemical or physical means so as to alter its original state.


Hah I had a buddy administer some X anally. What an idiot. Colon Rollin

I have never shoved pills up my ass, nor have had it done in a hospital or anything. Do they dissolve? Wouldn’t they just come out undissolved or partially? Wtf?

The chemicals will get absorbed through your tract.

I had to do it when I got worms when I was like 4. One of the only things I remember from when I was 4 haha.

[quote]Joebob wrote:
Colon Rollin[/quote]

This is hilarious! It’s completely stupid, but I’ve been laughing about it for the past couple hours.