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Vets: How Are Your Gains Coming?


I was thinking, obviously there is going to be a day when my gains are going to slow down tremendously. If things didn't slow down everyone would be benching a grand and be the size of a gorilla so I was wondering how gains are coming for guys like Prof. X and Ceph.

It's not uncommon for a newb to gain 30 pounds in a year and put a few inches on all his measurements. I mean really it's not even uncommon for a guy training for 3 years to do something like this. Also strength increases are pretty significant early on too.

So for a guy like Ceph who is closing in on a 600 lb CGP, how long did it take you to get there did you get up to 400 or 500 within a few years and than slowly over a few years gradually increase the weight little by little, or were the gains pretty steady throwing 30-40 pounds a year on your max. I mean I know you've been training 10 plus years so how much, if they've slowed at all, are the gains coming?

Also guys like X, and C_C for that matter, who weigh anywhere from 270-300lbs at 5'10 or whatever you are, how fast did you put on that weight, did you get up to something heavy quick and then just added alittle more each year or are you still able to pack 20 pounds a year onto your 270 pound body, obviously with the proper nutrition and lifting schedule.

I mean I know X likes to bulk up, cut down and then bulk to the same weight. I know you said you would carry the weight better, being more muscular at the same weight, when you would cut down and gain back up.

This just had me very curious and anyone who has experience with being pretty damn big/strong, I would love your input.


Austin, I'll send you a pm once I can find the time to type all that stuff lol

Still have to answer your last one, too.

Edit: X has talked about most of that stuff in his thread, including the working-weight progression etc.


Do you powerlift/have PL background C_C?


Don't see why one would need a PL background to be strong, to be honest.

Last time I checked, getting seriously huge (especially for natties, get that into your heads you "light weight, feel it baby, lotsa sets, abs year round"-people who do everything but put more weight on the fucking bar) still involved getting seriously strong no matter whether you're a powerlifter or bodybuilder.

My CGP and tricep numbers in general are a little out of the ordinary though as I've overemphasized and obsessed over that muscle for 7 or so years now after originally hardly training them at all... A picture of Levrone can change one's training life lol.

Figured that out of all impressive lifts, that's one I may really have a chance at...
Though there are many good raw benchers in the 500+ range (which is where my CGP is now... Unfortunately a bit closer to 500 than 600), very damn few are using 600+[and those are all super-freaks like Hoornstra and co... Guys I have little chance against]...

I'm stronger with a somewhat narrower grip than the one generally used on a comp bench, so who knows.
Good thing that I don't have to stay in a weight-class, guess I could eat myself up to 320lbs if I can't get the lift the regular way lol.


You can actually send that same pm to me if you wanted cc haha and im very curious myself


Hoornstra is a beast, I remember him from the "King of the Bench" competition, his delt and arm size are outstanding. I think some contact with Powerlifting, even just knowing a person involved in the sport can help , but I agree in the way that it isn't necessary. Thanks as always Ceph.



Austin gets to see CC's real numbers ?

All I ever get is..

"i'd tell you what im pinwheel curling, but it would freak your mind!"




My pinwheel numbers are out on the boards... You're just not stalking me properly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think if and when CC makes that post in the T-Cell about bodybuilding training he should use his own numbers as examples for the workouts so we can all see what crazy numbers he's putting up.


I'm not putting up any 800+ lb deadlifts or 700+ lb squats or anything lol, don't expect too much... If all my numbers were (relatively) as crazy as my close-grip, I'd jump right into the next pl meet and get my elite total :slight_smile:



haha nice try but i dont think thats cc



'bbbut why do you think he hasn't answered?'



That's SM7 in the vid. Don't think he posts anymore... (has a log over at IM)


Brutal guy. Now THAT'S a goal for the guys in this forum.