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Vets double check my numbers

This is my planned cycle for the New Year:

week 1-10 600mg/week IP Sust300
week 1-6 30mg/spread out ED
week 1-10 .5mg/EOD arimidex
week 11-14 50mg/ED clomid

6000mg Test
1260mg D-bol
35mg arimidex
1400mg clomid

(I will have enough arimidex to go ED, but I want to see how my body reacts first)

As well I’m 6’0, 230lbs(aprox 18%BF). My nutrition will be set (ongoing research)

Any suggestions? This will be my first cycle, so I stayed on the lower end of the dosage scale.

Thanks for any advise!

Sorry I should double check my post’s before I post it :slight_smile:

week 1-10 600mg/week IP Sust300
week 1-6 30mg/spread out ED D-Bol
week 1-10 .5mg/EOD arimidex
week 11-14 50mg/ED clomid

I would drop the sust down to 8 weeks, to help ensure a speedy recovery. maybe boost it to 750mg/week, other than that, all looks good, enjoy.

Looks like a good first cycle and should yield decent gains. I really don’t have any advice to offer.

Looks good, be careful with the sus, it might hurt. Try putting a little into your glute and see how it feels the next day before putting any volume in. I would push the arimadex out for 4 weeks after you stop injecting the sus this will help keep the estrogen related fat buildup and acne away post cycle. BTW Arimadex at .05 eod should be ok just moniter. And maybe even consider going with the clomid a little longer. As for the cycle, 10 weeks is feasible. I generally like to keep it a little shorter. Mainly, because I don’t like being off that long… I also would start seeing if you can cut down some of the fat prior to starting, I mean really put some effort into it. AND I wouldn’t over do the eating inspite of all the contrary advise. Your pretty fat, and you’ll get fatter if your not careful. No offence intended. You’ll appreciate the gains made much better if you can actually see some of the muscle and not just the bulk with the spare tire. I don’t know what your training habits are, but make sure you work all of your body (yes legs too,) not just bench and arms. God I hate when I see fat fuckers at the gym doing chest and arms then strutting around thinking the chicks are thinking anything other then what a fat fuck. Ok I digress… Post cycle expect a bit of a crash at the gym around the 3 week off, your going to panic and try pumping lighter weight for more reps to make up the loss. Don’t do this, you’ll burn all your gains off in a minute that way… Keep your lifting heavy for awhile and if anything reduce the amount of reps and total workout time, until your feeling good again… Stay off until your just as comfortable in the gym again as you were when you were using even if it means going past the generally accepted off time of 1 for 1. This will guard against emotional dependance and keep ya from turning you into a juice head like Squatty or Drago… J/K bros.

good post spook. just remember, those in glass houses, right? anyhow, i also like this cycle. spook pretty much covered it all. i would only suggest adding some tren. even if its 75mgs/eod or something like that. i ran tren on my first real test based cycle and loved it. it was really amazing.

Thanks for the reply’s spook & drago1. I think now I’ll change to 8 weeks and maybe go tren 75mg EOD.
Geesh, maybe I over estimated my BF%. I’m going to get it checked this weekend. I’m not fat, I can still see my abs (they’re blurry but they can still defintely be seen). You are correct that I need to shed some BF though Spook. That’s exactly why I started doing 30min of cardio 2 to 3 days a week. I’ll post a current pic of me when I get home tonight so you guys can make a better assessmint as to how lean I should try to be before I start.
I’m going to probably use Joel Marions Maximal Size program.
I’m getting excited already! Now all I have to do is make some purchase’s.


dont overdo it though guenther. some BF while bulking is absolutely not a bad thing. i feel its almost essential. although i agree overeating is not required i think packing fuel in the machine is essential. i put on several % of BF this time each year as i do a winter bulker and i love the results. i dont feel i would get the same strength and muscular hypertrophy without some fat gain as well. i have run similiar cycles with an emphasis on staying at a consistent BF and didnt get near as good results as i do this way. remember, that what spring cutting cycles are for. just dont let the BF get carried away.

Hey bro

Spook’s post pretty much covered everything. Do you plan on frontloading?

I don’t think I’ll frontload, it’s still going to take a few days for the test to kick in regardless if it’s 1200mg or 600mg. What do you guys think of A)running D-bol longer, say 8 weeks or B)runnig D-bol at 50mg ED? As well what do you guys think of MZlabs? For the anti-e’s?