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VETS Critisize my diet/routine - please!

Vets, I’m planning to start an 8wk MAG10 (2 serv’s/day)/M/Tribex cycle after Thanksgiving (2 on/2off/2on/2off) and would like some critisism before going forward. When and then progress I’ll post before and after pics.
Stats now are: 30yr/6’0"/194lbs/12.5 bf%(bought Fat Traker II calipers a couple weeks ago and still practicing but having electro-impedence done for better baseline)
Supps: have been e/c (hydroxy) stack (3 caps 2x/day) and creatine citrate effer. before work outs. (note: weight was 187 before starting creatine and has been stable at 194 for 4+ weeks while bf% has been steadily dropping from 14.8 on first use of calipers, remember 3 weeks of measurements)
DIET: 5 meals/day 6days/week
1st - 1scoop Optimum whey w/tblspn flax, 8 egg whites & 1 cup oatmeal pancake & 1/3 cup sugar free syrup.
2nd - 2 scoops Optimum Whey & 8oz. mashed yams.
3rd - 8oz chicken breast(george4man grill) w/8oz yams & ?oz broccli (tops off plastic container).
4th - 2 scoops Optimum Whey & 8oz. mashed yams.
5th - this changes each night but basically 8oz whole food protien, small amount of clean carbs.
ROUTINE:(all sets are 3x8,6 or 4 - whatever I can get)
M&Th AM - (pec) db flat bench, db incline, peck deck.
M&Th PM - (back) lat pulldown,close grip row, wide grip row.
Tu&Fri AM - (delts) db mil press, lat raise, side raise, shrugs
Wed&Sat AM - (arms) neg grip bb curl, db curl, skull crushrs, rope pushdwns
Sat AM - (legs) squats, ext’s, curls, cav’s
M-Sat - (abs) ab brd, stupid cheap purple ab cruncher thing (I’ve seen same things in World & Golds believe it or not and they kill)
CARDIO: (almost M-SAT) 20min = 2.1 miles, 4 intrvls run changing speed every min from 5-6-7-8 last intrvl 5-6-7-10.
Weak parts: lats, bi’s, calvs (I think)
So-so parts: delts, pec’s, tri’s, abs, upper back, hams (I hope!)
Strong parts: quads (can get too big)
So, there it is. I know I have a lot to change so lay it on - please! Bill

just real quick comments…i think you should rethink the 2 a day split and also definitely the shoulders and triceps are taking abuse as the front delts get hit on chest day, then next on shoulder day, and then you get triceps which are hit both days again on arm day.
In fact now that I look at it, it seems like overtraining. How about…

Monday Chest Triceps Shoulders Tuesday Back Biceps Calves Wed Rest thu Calves Hams Quads fri + sat rest sun start over with day one?

I do like that idea however I really enjoy the AM work outs and as it is I get up @ 4:30AM to get 20min’s of cardio in (or at least a 5min warm up)and have to be in the shower by 6AM to get out of the house by 6:30AM. I guess I can do more PM workouts but really prefer the AM routine. Do you think I can get enough sets/body part in each day in 1hr? Thanks

Why no deads for your back? And maybe if you cut down on the amount of delt work, your delts would no longer be a “so-so” bodypart. What were you doing previous to this? And Sundays are your only day off?

What exactly are your goals?

you could do cardio in the morning and lifting in the pm
or the other way around I think that would be better than lifting 2x a day. What are your goals? bulk up, cut down what? I’m assuming cut down. Either way you can DEFINITELY do enuf sets in an hour.

(Bump to whomever got my string to the top of the 2nd page I was affraid it would get lost in the heap.)

My goals might be unrealistic. I’d like to think that I can at least stay in the 190lb range, reduce bf to the 10% range and not loose strength, thus adding LBM while dropping bf%. Is that unrealistic considering my dedication and diet?

Honestly I expected replies that my diet needed 2b tweaked but I do agree, I feel like I’m doing a ton of work and going no where. Any thoughts on diet, let me know that too.

BF% update: elctro-impedence on 11/21 was 15% while my Fat Tracker calipers continue to show anywere from high 11’s to high 13’s. Should I just put all that away? Based on others pics I can’t believe I’m anywhere near 11%.

So, guess I’ll rearrange routines to do weights in PM and cardio in AM. How much cardio do you think to keep BF% going down steadily without getting too catabolic?

Thanks again you guys. I’ve been reading other replies you two have made and respect your input so thank you for your continued interest. If anyone wants to take me under their “T-wing”, I’d be greatful.