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Vets Critique My Cycle!


This is my first T-Nation post! I have been a lurker for about a year now. I love to read but I think it's time I post.

Age - 23
Height - 6'
Weight - 195 bf% 11-12%
Training - 4+ years
Previous Cycles - 1st TestE 10weeker, 2nd TestP/Anavar Short 4week cycle.

This will be my 3rd cycle would like to keep it simple to say the least, yet effective. I am looking for lean mass would also like to see the single digits for bodyfat. Ideally 210 @ 8% would be perfect.

I have done plenty of research for this cycle. So far I have come up with the following.

(Week 1)
Week 1 Frontloading 1000mg
Arimdex EOD .5mg

(Week 2-12)
TestE @ 750mg\week
Arimdex EOD .5mg

(Week 3-12)
HCG 500UI Friday & Saturday

(Week 11-15)
Anavar 40mg ED

(PCT Week 15-20)
Nolva 40mg ED first week.
Nolva 20mg ED weeks 16-20

Would like to hear some feedback on my Anavar bridge protocol. I have had great results with Anavar in the past, strength shot up and got very vascular. I think it should help out with strength after stopping the enanthate for a PCT transition.

What are your thoughts?
How does the PCT look?

Would adding a short ester such as propionate be suffcient so I begin PCT in a relatively shorter timespan, as opposed to waiting several weeks.

I will also mention that all these compounds are in hand, so changing from anavar to winnny/winstol so on so forth is not a option.

Any input would be appreciated :slightly_smiling:



looks pretty solid. simple is good.

  • test dosage is pefect IMO.
  • running a moderate AI dose during, looks good. i would however, continue up to week 15...just taper the dosage off during weeks 13-15 (ie. .25 mg EOD, .25 mg mon-thurs-sat, .10 mg mon-thurs-sat)
  • HCG protocols are something that there is a lot of debate over...but i like the approach of running a protocol while on, as opposed to trying to catch up at the cycle's end. so if you want HCG in there, your outlined protocol is fine....IMO you don't need HCG whatsoever in that cycle...but its your choice
  • i'd move the var to weeks 12-16.
  • PCT moved to weeks 17-20...nolva 40-40-20-20

just my 2cc's. good luck


Looks good deezal but,I would drop hcg all together in this one.My 2cents worth.



my experience with Hcg use while is that it prolongs full recovery post cycle, it actually prevents your testes from fully responding to your own Lh secretion. Better to just not use it, then use.


I have a done a little more head scratching and decided too cut the HCG and save it for another more "ex0tic" cycle down the road.

Ahhh yes! Juice, my math was wrong! I will move PCT to weeks 17-20. As you can see below Test levels around 100mg is baseline to when I would start my PCT. This is perfect as ultimately I wanted to start the VAR in week 12 and end the day before PCT.

Day 81: 3485.2mg T - LAST INJECTION
Day 82: 3156.6mg T
Day 83: 2859mg T
Day 84: 2589.4mg T
Day 85: 2345.4mg T
Day 86: 2124.3mg T
Day 87: 1923.9mg T

Day 88: 1742.6mg T
Day 89: 1578.3mg T
Day 90: 1429.5mg T
Day 91: 1294.7mg T
Day 92: 1172.7mg T
Day 93: 1062.1mg T
Day 94: 961.9mg T

Day 95: 871.3mg T
Day 96: 789.1mg T
Day 97: 714.7mg T
Day 98: 647.4mg T
Day 99: 586.4mg T
Day 100: 531.1mg T
Day 101: 481mg T

Day 102: 435.7mg T
Day 103: 394.6mg T
Day 104: 357.3mg T
Day 105: 323.7mg T
Day 106: 293.2mg T
Day 107: 265.5mg T
Day 108: 240.5mg T

Day 109: 217.8mg T
Day 110: 197.3mg T
Day 111: 178.6mg T
Day 112: 161.8mg T
Day 113: 146.6mg T
Day 114: 132.7mg T
Day 115: 120.2mg T

Day 116: 108.9mg T - WEEK 5 PCT START

Thank's guys! This cycle is getting that more simple..

FYI. Here is a great link to a PCT Calculator, simply awesome!



yep I use this one too, a very usefull tool indeed.


so you think it is better to avoid (as a rule) HCG? or to avoid in the OP cycle?


Avoid hcg at all cost, and instead use a simple testosterone taper at the end of your cycle, slowly reducing test levels, giving you body a chance to readjust and begin transitioning into producing it's own testosterone, instead of quiting cold turkey, and using hcg, which will just cause a complete other level of suppression in your hpta.


Pardon the hijack, and please don't think I am trying to start a fight - but how does tapering a long estered testosterone help?

Due to it's half-life, it tapers naturally, no? I could certainly see the benefit of tapering test prop according to your theory, but TestE? I really don't get the point.


thanks for the link to the PCT calculator, I just used it for my cycle, its says start PCT when the graph line turns blue, but the whole graph line is blue starting from day1?


My fault sorry I read it wrong I put 1mg as dosage thinking it was 1 ml



Yeah, it does, reason why? because these long esters don't taper down smoothly. The peak occurs within a few days and the fall off is fairly quick with residuals taking much longer to clear. It's the same reason why individuals who do hrt with injectable cyp or enath find that increased frequency of injection is supperior to injections every two weeks.

This is my experience too. -So weather prop, or enanth, it's still advantageous to spit up your dose/injections and make em as frequent- 3 times a week for prop, and 1-2-even 3 times per week for enanthate is ideal but once a week will work too.