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Veterans: How Did You Get Dialed In?

Could some of you veterans share your experiences in getting dialed into the correct dosage? How did you do it? How long did it take? What did you use a guide?

(For those on Anastrozole, interested in how your use of it may have varied over time)

I got good results on KSMans injection protocol

Went from ~260 TT to:

total T: 660 (348-1197)
free T: 23.7 (9.3 - 26.5)
E2 13.1 (7.6 -42.6)

E2 is low so I stopped taking anastrazole and feel much better.

Set realistic therapeutic goals. High normal TT, FT and E2=22pgml

Inject twice a week or EOD
Do labs half way between
Adjust doses as needed.

If you get E2=28pg/ml, to get near E2=22pg/ml, new dose = old dose x 28/22

I found that I need less anastrozole over the years. My doc says he has seen this before, so there can be some drift.

If you change up your protocol make sure it is only 1 thing at a time. Give it time to find out if it changes anything. It takes a while to get things dialed in.