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Veterans Day

All of your words mean a lot!

Thank you guys!!!


God bless our troops!

It’s a day off in Canada.

[quote]gregron wrote:

[quote]Professor X wrote:
I want a day off.


Seriously. I’m in class all day and have two tests… Total BS!


Same here, we do however get friday off (???) I am sure the 2 people that have classes on fridays are happy.

[quote]Nards wrote:
It’s a day off in Canada.[/quote]

I didn’t get a day off.

thank you to all who have served/are serving our country. Be safe, and God bless.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:

<— Iron Dwarf salutes you all![/quote]

OMG…you bad bad boy…lulz

Thanks to all our service members for your service.

^^ is that a ‘member’ joke?

So I just had the Cajun Chicken Pasta from Chili’s. It was awwwwesommmmeee.