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Veterans Day: Honor and Duty

For the 1% of the 1% of the 1%, who stepped forward out of the masses to take the oath and wear the uniform of the United States Military, all my respect. In this age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and selfies, few know what it is like to carry a dead brother or sister to a waiting bird, few know what goes through your soul when you find a dead 18 to 25 year old, shot to hell or blown to bits, their faces looking younger than a 14 year old child. Few realize that those dead brothers and sisters leave behind wives without husband, and children with a father, or a husband without a wife, children with no mother.

I would wager that most Americans only see Veterans Day as some “holiday sale” , where you can buy some trinket at half price, never realizing that “holiday” came with spilled blood.

So for the ones who came before us: ALL MY RESPECT


For those in the present: ALL MY RESPECT


Never, ever, forget the true cost of Veterans Day: ALL MY RESPECT, BROTHER



Thank you for your sacrifice, Idaho. Sincerely.