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Veteran, newbie, or in between?

I found T-mag after picking up the first issue of a new muscle mag. Damn, now I can’t remember the name! Something like Mind & Muscle Power or something like that. I still have all the issues they published before they went under. Poliquin had written an article and it said he could be found on a new site (Testosterone.net). I immediately checked it out and was hooked. I believe that was in 1999. I went back and read every article and issue from the beginning.

I’ve been on the forum ever since there was a forum and have used various Biotest supplements during the years and was lucky enough to take part in the first Biotest/T-mag seminar in Orlando in 2001 (or was that 2000?).

I started reading the Mag in about July of 2000, first appeared in the reader mail in issue 135.

I found the mag when looking for an alternative to Ironman or dare I say it Muscle and Fitness.

I immediately read all the back issues and started doing a lot of the programs written by Ian King, Charles Poliquin, Dave Tate et al…

I started reading the forum properly in late 2001 and didn’t participate until sometime in 2002.


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Groove, that was good. Too damn funny.

Oh yeah, I was originally a Poliquin- MM2K reader. When it went to shit, that’s when I canceled my subscription and had found that other magazine that had led me to T-mag. I was lost for nearly a year until then.

Check out the above photo. This was in June 1997 after doing one of the MM2K 12-week programs (before BFL) using Poliquin type training, and now, I’m definitely bigger and in better shape. And look, I had hair back then. But I was a little guy at 7 percent bodyfat. Stay tuned for updated Renegade Nate Dogg pics in the next week or so!

About a year for both reading and posting. So I guess that makes me a newbie forum poster. But I been training for about 18 years. T-mag has really educated me on the diet aspect, hell I used to train so that I could eat whatever the hell I wanted.

Phatman - I still train to eat whatever I want most of the time.

I’ve been posting for a year(ish) and reading since about 3 months prior to that.

I can easily see where some long-time posters can feel the need to move on. The learning curve probably drops off for most people after awhile. While we all should keep learning, when it gets to the point that 6 weeks of research result in the reduction of that final .019lb of bodyfat, the point of diminishing returns has been reached by most. Once people figure out what works for them, they might not always feel the need to hang around and help others, especially if the job has been taken up by others.

I are a noobert.

I got a copy of a print mag of Testosterone with an order from Netrition.com. All I really remember from that article was someone injecting Mag10 to see if it was more effective.

Now I just lurk and occasionally chime in if I feel the urge. Still in my early research phase of steroids. I enjoy reading some of the posts. These can be summarized by “search the fuckin site ya noob” or “do more deads”.


I’ve been on here 1 year and a month… newbie

I’ve been reading the mag for 3 years or so, and been posting on the forum, under various monikers, for about 2 years. I think I found the site through a Men’s Health reference, atime of my life that is fading from memory. I think if you know what creatine is you’re a “vet” at MH.

Found T-mag last summer (as I was on the Mens Fitness forum…haha) and started posting around Nov/Dec of last year. I have to say that T-mag has definetely been a inspiration and it truly is a highlight of my day to come to the forum and see what other people have to say. Some favs are, in no particular order, Tampa Terry, Timbo, Joel Marion, Grooveless Torque, CGB, SRS, Stella, Patricia, Karma…etc etd. I figured I would drop some names to let them know I respect their insight and opinions! Not to mention I get a good laugh from time to time!