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Veteran, newbie, or in between?

MBE laments about the “good old days” in the Forum, which has me curious.

How long have you been a regular poster in the T-Nation? I’m especially curious to hear from you longtime vets.

I, myself, have been a loyal reader for approximately two years, but a regular on the forum for a paltry, pathetic, insignificant six months.

Sound off…

Been a T-mag reader for over 4 years now and was around long before the forum was ever created. I didn’t really post much on the forum in the beginning, as I was much more intent on reading and learning. Have no idea when I started posting, but it’s been a while. There are few people here from the very beginning of the forum. I kinda wonder what’s happened to some of those guys sometimes.

Found T-Mag at the around the 2000-01 school year. I didn’t start posting till the following summer. The better I got to know everyone here though, the more I posted.

I was RYANO. That got a little stale in light of about 3 other Ryan derivatives.

So, I would consider myself in-between, though a DP’er. God knows there was plenty that went on here before I ever knew of Biotest.

I started reading T-mag in January of 2001 and started posting around March of 2001. Although I don’t post a lot, I post when I can.

I think that my first letter to T-mag was printed in issue #37 or something like that. Anyway, I’ve been reading it since spring of 1999, when I stumbled on the site while looking for nutritional information (of all things).

As for Forum posting, I think that only Kelly Baggett has been posting as long and as consistently as I have. I started right when the Forum first went live, and haven’t stopped since. Don’t know if that’s good or bad (I’m sure that there would be a lot of votes both ways :wink: ), but yeah, I consider myself to be one of the Methuselahs here.

So I guess that makes me a veteran.

I’ve been here since 1999, almost 4 years. I also purchased my first Biotest supps in '99. I can’t remember exactly when the forum was launched but I’ve been posting since the beginning, though I used my name as my handle. I was an ex-EAS, BFLer in the beginning so I thought I knew about training and diet but I really didn’t. My early posts were aimed at learning from more intelligent people. Every year since I’ve expanded my knowledge so much by reading and through experience that I feel I knew nothing the prior year. I’d call myself a veteran. There’s probably only a handful of us around now. I know we’ve lost quite a few old vets.

found t-mag in the summer of 2001 a perosnal trainer from where I work got me hooked on it. He showed me a couple articles from t-mag one was by Paul Check the other was by Ian King and I was immedlitly hooked. I didn’t start posting till really this year 2003. And the reason I start to post was just to have something to do, since I was disable and out of work. I personally learned a lot from this forum and magazine.

Hi, Mamann…First time caller…Long time listener, I just wanna say…

Reading 5 Months

Posting <2 Months

As you mention tha’ Monkey, it was his insistent, consistent, relentless and inspired foolishness that prompted me to post in the first place, I figured what’s another repressed comedian more or less. Before this I had never posted anywhere before and now Mrs. Cake thinks I’m addicted…

I think she’s right.

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men"

~ Roald Dahl

It all began, one day, in the repressed corners of a cubicle, contained in a soon-to-fail-dotcom company; after Ko asking me what I wanted to do in the gym that day. Thinking, typing into my search engine the words…“leg training” and there low-behold, (accompanied by the vocalization of “ahhhhhh” in the background), were Ian Kings’ “limping” articles. My life changed. A rainbow appeared in the horizon.

This was back in '99. And I continued to read T-Mag. Then, in 2001, I wrote into “Reader Mail” and my letter was “printed” right thar on the web. Ko then suggested I ask that question in the forum. “Wha…there’s a forum?”
Again, a rainbow appeared in the horizon.

I found T-mag accidentily while searching for porn one day. Weirdly enough I had typed “ardvark cock gobbling ferret fuckers” into the search engine and the first hit I got was one of MBE’s posts. I think it was a confession about his past antics on the exotic farm. Anyways after that I was hooked and have been reading ever since. Hell I didn’t even know what working out was before coming to t-mag, and it took me about 40 issues to find out since it was mostly about some guy named TC’s cock. But it turns out there was some damn good training advice here too. Everything worked out for the best I guess.
:slight_smile: Groove

Hmm. I’ve been reading for about 3 years, posting about two. First as “John” then “Trev” and now “John Roman,” which is an abbreviation of my last name, Romaniello.

Found the site as a link somewhere and the first issue I saw was #135 December 2000, how do I remember? Easy, Atomic Dog was a photo play and I thought it was pretty cheesy, I skimmed thru some of the other articles and thought it looked ok.
Had another look a few weeks later and started checking it out on a regular basis from then.
Got onto the forum following a comment from someone I recomended the site to, he said something about “someone raving about how cool there arms looked in a t-shirt”. I thought, egotistical bastard, sounds like me, better check it out myself.
I’m not addicted tho, I’m not really, honest. :wink:

Most people have probably never heard of me since I’ve only posted a few times, and only recently started reading the forums. I have been reading testosterone magazine since week 1 though. I found out about it from Olympic hammer thrower Jud Logan who used to have Poliquin as a strength coach. I had my first letter published in issue #73, and a few more over the years. After my college discus career was over I got really out of shape (this whole trying to get into med school thing!), but now I’m training again and plan on competing in Scottish Highland Games in the future.

Been reading T-mag since spring of 00. I remember being so excited to find something good to read since MM2K had gone down the tubes a couple of years prior to that. I still have some MM’s from 95&96 when it was worthwhile and still refer to them from time to time. I’ve posted infrequently under some other handles (db, danb, energy) in the last couple of years. But, I’ve been a little more consistent with my posts this year.

Started reading at Issue 4 after doing a search for Poliquin on Yahoo. I was one of those bitter, betrayed MM2K readers, also. Started posting in the June of 2001, I think, though mainly off-topic.

My first exposure to T-Mag was when a friend of mine sent me a link to Chris Shugart’s “Big Woof - Get Laid the Testosterone Way,” which was published way back in Issue #93 (By the way, that article was one amazing piece of wisdom that helped me and then helped many friends – props to Shugs). After that I started reading, but I was completely overwhelmed by the info, as up until that point my lifting knowledge was derived from the various Weider mags and the “Bigger, Faster, Stronger” program we did for high-school football. I originally posted as 3-L T-Man, but that became a misnomer once I had graduated.

I still would consider myself somewhat of an in-between guy in terms of knowledge – I’ve been lifting since I was 14, but I only started getting really good info from T-Mag a little while ago, and my knowledge pales in comparison to all of these forum-ites who are doing post-grad bio-chem work or are getting masters degrees in human physiology. That’s why I mostly only post in Off-Topic, unless I have a question – I just don’t feel as if I’m the best qualified person to give an answer. However, I love reading the debates that go on, and, to the extent they aren’t completely over my head, I think I learn a lot from the exchanges.

And, of course, I am always entertained by the antics of the resident forum primate – his gift for turning a phrase and unique perspective on things are always a nice break from the stifling confines of normalcy.

Sometime in 1998 so i guess about five years now. I still remember how excited i was that day. I printed out all of the past issues and i still have them in a notebook today.

It was issue 14 or 15.

Interesting stuff, guys!

I gotta add that I still have a box of the original, back-in-the-good-ole’-days MM2K magazines, and often wondered where the hell TC and the gang went.

Then one day I was shootin’ at some food…er, perusing a BFL support forum when someone mentioned that he had read about a training routine in “Testosterone”. Intrigued, I did a search, found it, and have been an avid follower ever since.

And I got broke in right away, too. I fired off a letter to “Reader Mail” poking fun at TC about how he was so well known in the bodybuilding industry now, that he was now listed at T-Mag simply as TC, with no last name.

Got me a free “Testosterone” shirt, and life was good.