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Vet Bills...


What is the most you've ever paid a veterinarian to treat your pet?

I also post this to try and gauge my sanity. Medium-length story made slightly shorter...a homeless kitten showed up at my door a few months ago, so I took him in, got him his shots, took care of him and taught him that he could not get a katana sword by stealing, as it was a very special sword, and that he must "earn" it through a series of agonizing flexibility exercises and repeated beatings with a rattan cane. This is all true, except for the sword part.

The little guy starts puking all over the place the other night. He's about the size of a bottle of fish oil, and he covered an area of about 4 square meters with (mostly liquid) puke. I come home from work and find him lying nearly unconscious on his side, struggling to breathe.

I rush him to the vet clinic, of which in Japan there are surprisingly few, and an X-ray reveals that the little bastard has swallowed a slew of random items...a screw, some styrofoam packing, and a ribbon. The vet says that he needs to get it surgically removed or he'd die. I tell him to go through with the surgery.

$2200 American, completely non-negotiable. Seeing how everyone at my company has just taken a voluntary pay cut, this isn't chump change to me. I paid it, and my little buddy is recovering nicely.

I've mentioned this to co-workers, and they all think I'm insane. Even the girls. I figured I might get some "he's such a sweetheart" sex, but I'm fairly certain they think I'm now gay. Most responses are "it's only a cat, I would have just let it die".

How much would you pay to save your pet's life? And would the amount differ if it were a dog/cat/whatever?


. . . Fuck. Cats don't like me, so I would have just skipped straight to the part where we fought an epic battle of ninja sword vs rattan stick.

If you love it, neither you nor anyone else can put a price tag on continuing that little life.


well since I have a kitten attacking my hand atm and my older cats sitting calmly next to me without being bothersome.. I probably would of saved him. I'm a dog person to but ive had several bad experience owning them =(

When my first dog was hit by a car, it would of been 2300 to save him.


$800 for me. Last year my 8 month old kitten needed surgery for leg calve perthes disease, which led to a broken leg. They had to go in and remove bone fragments and shave down the remainder.

I would have paid up to $1,200, which was all I could afford at the time. If I would have had $2,200 I would have paid it if I had to.

The big thing would be what the prognosis for quality of life was after. If it was likely to be in constant pain, or have recurrent problems, I probably would have it put down.

For me, pets are a member of my family, and deserve my best effort to take care of them. If that means going without a new TV or no vacation this year, so be it.


$700 then $325 to have him cremated.


you are insane to pay that for a stray cat.

you could easily get another cat and in one year never know the difference.

a dog on the other hand is a unique animal with it's own personality. Not saying, a stray dog deserves that much money for care, but just sayin


I love my dog. People tease me that i treat her better than humans lol. so needless to say id spend whatever i have to keep her around.


Its a fucking rip off. I had to pay like 300 for my dog.


My roomates had to pay a veterinary cardiologist $500 per day to monitor and treat their dog, after surgeries and shit it ended up costing them like $5000 I think they told me.


it should definitely be made clear that vet bills are fuckin ridiculous. If its an emergency visit then its something like $300 to get in the door.


You're not insane. Your co-workers are either callous, don't have pets, or both. Your "little buddy" is exactly that...a companion and a friend. I'd pay whatever I could and then some, even if I had to borrow from family and friends, to save my pet's life. Dog or cat, it would be the same. My cat, thankfully has been very healthy, but I do recall my parents spending around that much taking care of one of our Great Danes.


January 1st my 13 year old Blue Healer decided to pick a fight with a 4 year old German Shepherd. It didn't go so good for her. $675 vet bill to sew my girl back up.

Last month, while I was offshore, my mother decided to take some of the dogs to the doggy dentist. In the 31 years I have been alive we have NEVER taken a dog to the dentist. 1 root canal and 2 removed molars my 13 year old Blue Healer has just cost me another $850.

I may bitch and moan about how much that dog has cost me, or how I spent weekends replanting flowerbeds she dug up, but in the end she's a sweetheart I wouldn't trade her for anything.


I had a basset hound who was the love of my life and I spent nearly $4000 trying to save him after a similar incident. Unfortunately there were complications and he did not make it. The only thing worse than losing a pet is paying down the small loan you had to take out to cover the vet bills. That monthly reminder sucked.

Make sure you keep a close eye on your kitten because some animals are prone to swallowing random shit on a regular basis. It's actually a psychological impulse and can become a major problem. I used to work as a vet tech and we treated a few animals like that. The owner would be in every couple of months because the cat/dog had eaten something else. Not saying that yours is like that, but just keep it in the back of your mind.


A friend of mine had a ten year old rotty that was diagnosed with a flipped stomach/blocked intestines. He did the surgery, three months of re-hab after surgery, cost $5000! and no guarantee's.

Three months later his dog died of cancer.

OP, if you can afford it, fix the little critter. If it's a hum, haw decision already for you I think you have your answer already. It's a tough call, my2c.


I love my dog, I would gladly pay $2200 to keep him around...but thats me.


I already owned the truck, gun, and bullet. So, whatever it cost to drive out to his grave site.



Pet insurance is worth the cost if you are going to be willing to shell out ofr vet bills anyway.


UPDATE: This morning, I found him licking at his incision. The vet didn't think a cone was necessary. When I pulled his head away from the area, there was pus oozing out pretty steadily. Have to bring him back to the vet tonight, so it looks like $2200 is just the beginning.

Still worth it.


Okay I will technically say it was the wife, since it was her pet. She had a conure (small parrot type bird). got sick paid $650+ it was in Pet ICU for three days until it died. I love my wife very much and she brings home just as much money as I do so I can not say shit.


The idea that cats don't have unique personalities is 100% incorrect. We used to have four cats when I was younger. If they all magically looked identical one day, it still would have been the easiest thing in the world to tell them apart.