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Very Young and Sharp Shoulder/Trap Pain

Hey guys, i’ve just turned 18 and been lifting for about 6 months now and recently since starting work after school as a baker, i tend to lift alot of trays/ containers/ dough and stuff in front of me into ovens and out of ovens, so my shoulders are always carrying stuff and raising in front of my body and what not.

along with bench and and a few shaky militray press workouts the last few weeks i;ve developed a very very sore right shoulder area, sometimes the pain sear from the front in the collarbone, and today it killed the back and my right trap
im sure if its on the outer shoulder as such, more trap, collarbone pain, very hard to describe sorry, im going to take this week off lifting and see how things go, would icing help?

just wondering on peoples thoughts and opinions, any advice on helping it or spotting the cause.

At work i may not always be carrying things in a healthy manner due the work enviroment and rush involved sometimes so my shoulders may be unhealthy loads press on them.


edit: also might be from sitting at the computer all day with my right shoulder hanging forward to hold onto the mouse?

With what you have described, sounds like a soft tissue issue. Possibly an upper trap and/or neck strain (won’t bother to list specific muscles). Try some soft tissue work on your trap with a tennis ball, work on your Thoracic ROM, and strengthen scapular stabilizers.

Ok thanks, i really have little clue on whay you suggested sorry , should i roll a tennis ball over my sore area? and the ROM stuff, move my right shoulder and neck around in circles etc? and would giving gym a rest be a sound idea?

Google tennis ball trap soft tissue work.

Use the search engine on tmuscle to find thoracic mobility drills.

Read this for scapular work: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_repair/pushups_face_pulls_and_shrugs&cr=

Thanks looks very useful, im just wondering what the tennis ball actually does, how does rolling it around benefit a sore area? just a honest question i have no idea.

It provides some self myofascial release which will improve issue quality, decrease spasm and break up the pain-spasm cycle. It is just like using a foam roller, just a more focused approach.