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Very weird workout schedule, will it work?

I just made a workout schedule that is very weird but uses some of the same principles of ian king in a mixed up way. Instead of having different phases it is just a 4 week long program where each day is different. The first week starts out with more exercises and more specific exercises and towards the fourth week it is more complex exercises and less of them. It also starts out prioritizing little things like putting abs, calves, etc first in workout and then each week gets more conventional. During the 4 weeks I have incorporated pretty much every type of workout such as in one week doing antagonistic muscles at same time, one week doing similar muscle groups, one week splitting up quads and hams to different workouts, one week doing them same workout , etc. I have also incorporated some Westside methods where one week I do dynamic and max effort bench workouts, and one week conventional bodybuilding style chest workout. I figured by doing it this way since the program takes 4 weeks to complete I could do it 3 times in a row and make it a 12 week program. What do you think, is there too much variety? Will this work?

do you guys think this will work or would it be better to just do one type of training for a period of time and then move on and do a diff type training after that? please give me your input . Thanks