Very Thorough First Cycle Log

Thanks a lot man! I’ll definitely follow that training! My gear is UGL, but we can’t specifically source talk here.

My recovery is crazy already! The first few days I had normal soreness the next day but now that the dbol is really kicking in, no soreness whatsoever! I can’t wait for the test to kick in!!

As promised, here are my weekly stats. Bear in mind that these immediate gains are certainly from the dbol’s water weight as expected. I will put my current stats and how much they increased from last Sunday. Measurements immediately upon waking up.

Weight: 161.6lbs +6.6
Waist: 30 1/2" +3/4"
Biceps (both): 13 1/2" + 1/2"
Forearms (both): 11 1/4" +1/4"
L Quad: 22 1/2" +1/2"
R Quad: 22 3/4" No gain
Calves (both): 14 3/4" +1/4"

These measurements are accurate, but I don’t see them in the mirror… 6 pounds of water (mostly) and my veins look even better!? Doesn’t make sense to me.