Very Thorough First Cycle Log

I’ve been constructing a cycle for quite some time now, and I start tomorrow. I’m so excited! Lol this summer I ran a “cycle” of Dianabol only - not even an AI. Yeah, get your laughs out now (: Haha I knew I wouldn’t keep my gains at all, I was just trying to get my feet wet in the steroids world.

I’ve been studying endocrinology for quite some time, on my own and with a few teachers whom I’ve spent countless hours with after class talking to. However most of my learning has come from books and online sources. Recently (year+), i have been learning much from this site and a few others. I’ve also been interested in athletics and human physiology for years. I feel like these two interests go hand-in-hand in the steroid world, eh? I’ve spent an enormous amount of time studying this subject, and I feel I’m ready.

I’m not yet going to reveal my age. However, I will say that I’m not yet 25. Please save the insults and harping, because I’ve heard it all before and I understand your concerns. Being wary of me only means you guys care about us “young guns” and that is very much appreciated! But i don’t really want to hear the same old thing over and over again you know? It gets old. Additionally, through my research I can confidently say I’m not worried about any of the side effects associated with teens. In fact, any side effect that can happen to a young man can happen to an adult, with one exception – closure of the epiphysial discs in long bones. Or for short, stunted growth. That is definately a problem when steroids are used incorrectly. But this is an effect of increased Estrodiol which can be controled while on cycle. Permanently damaged endocrine function is the main side that is discussed among teen/early 20s usage. Like I said earlier, this can happen to adults too. The problem is, most people my age are freaking retarded when it comes to this and think all they have to do is jab a needle in their ass at random and they will get ‘swole.’ There was a great thread about this on here that I read, ill find it soon. Anyways, on with my cycle.

Height: 5’5"
Weight: 155
BF: Float around 8%
Years Training: since middle school, very intense and consistent for the last 2 years.

You’ll notice I’m very light. I’m an an athlete, not a bodybuilder. And no, I don’t think that I have hit my full potential yet. But I’ve made my decision and I really don’t think I will have regrets.

1-10 Test Enanthate 600mg/wk in two injections. Doubled first dose as a frontload.
1-6 Dianabol 25mg/day

1-17 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD - will adjust if needed.
14-17 Clomid 50/50/50/50
14-17 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20


Whey, dextrose, BCAA, Glutamine
4eggs, 1/4c shredded cheese, katsup. 1c oats, 1 apple. Multivitamin, fish oil.
Whey, dextrose (only 10g).
Noon: freebie! Fish oil
2:30pm PWOM
casein, dextrose.
3pm PWO
BCAA, creatine, Jack3d.
4:30 PPWO
2x Whey, 4x dextrose, BCAA, creatine, glutamine
5:30 PPWOM
4eggs, 2pc wheat toast, 2tbs jam. Whey w/ 1c milk. Multivitamin, fish oil.
Casein, glutamine.
The body runs on homeostasis so I will have lunch and weekends to decide for myself what I would like to eat to keep my body guessing!

Monday: chest, tris, light abs
Tuesday: quads, calves, abs.
Wednesday: back, bis
Thursday: shoulders
Friday: hamstrings, calves, forearms

I will post progress measurements weekly. Here are my current:

Chest: 39 1/4
Waist: 29 3/4
L arm: 13
R arm: 13
L FA: 11
R FA: 11
L quad: 22
R quad: 22 3/4 (this imbalance needs fixed!)
L calf: 14 1/2
R calf: 14 1/2
The following will be updated every six weeks
Bench Press: 205, this summer on dbol I hit 250.
Squat: 370
Deadlift: around 370 also, haven’t maxed recently.

I hope you guys enjoy! Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Monday: chest, tris, light abs
Tuesday: quads, calves, abs.
Wednesday: back, bis
Thursday: shoulders
Friday: hamstrings, calves, forearms "

i thought you said you were an athlete?

Offseason right now! Lol 4 months of the year is competition, another 3 is preseason cardio which kills my weight! So I only get a solid 5 months to train consistently though I do lift 3 times a week all year

Offseason training

sorry this sounds amateurish and way to general strength training, what is your sport?

Like I said, this is my first real cycle and I’m using it as a learning experience. My training will be intense, I assure you (: I play football. Season just ended.

May I ask what sounds amatureish? I’m only 155 lbs eating nearly 300g protein a day and ifting intense 5 days a week, with nearly fresh receptors. I value your opinion, but I’m just curious as to why you think so.

by football you mean football right? not sure if you are speaking of handegg or actual football #MURRICA

either way, you could choose a better oral. Find your self an b2-agonist, some proper stimulants and if you know a doctor personally you might pull off a clamp technique with insulin(dont mess with that at all without healthcare personel).

and please throw that strength program away, you dont need isolation of muscles. stick with basic functional exercises - squat, deadlift and clean/snatches if you really know how to perform them.

and oh, the Methylhexanamine in jackd3d will make you fail a drug test ( 4 year ban within WADA ), poor stimulant with excess side effects. Nicotine and Caffene would be more effective.

Lol, yes American football.

I’ve used dbol before and it did wonders. I’ll try something new later, I’ve already bought the dbol.

I have those exercises incorporated. You haven’t even seen my entire program.

I don’t plan on being drug tested. And I’ve used jack3d and PWR and all sorts of others. If I like it, I will use it.

I’ve seen a few other things you’ve posted and it seems like nothing can please you. Quit being so damn angry

And insulin? Dude c’mon its my first cycle. Im not messing around with dangerous shit like that

lol where are my angry comments? im not angry, its just annoying to know that people use PEDs without proper training methods.

And like i said, insulin if you have help from healthcare personel.

But i am going to be a nag right now, you probably know that you are not tall enough and dont weigh close enough for handegg. you should be closer to 155kg. Look at it this way, you cant grow much more in height and if you are not maintaining 100kg bodyweight naturally, what chance do you stand against other who do? You have do dope to be compatable, do you stand a chance of genetically superior people who dope, no…

try eating minimum of 6000 calories per day, change your training and have your testosterone levels measured. if you arent already close to 1000ng/dl then what is the point of risking permanent damage to the body if you cant ever become the best?

this may sound a bit harsh, but really think about it - is this sport really worth your health if you arent built for it in the first place

Thanks a lot for your concern man! I didnt mean to sound like an asshole either. It’s understandable that I won’t be competative against bigger, more genetically superior guys who dope, but it comes down to who works hardest and smartest and that’s why I’m here to gain knowledge from more experienced people like you.

I absolutely do not think this sport is worth risking my health for. But its not my true passion, bodybuilding is. which makes me wonder why I’m “wasting” my time playing in the first place. After this season, Im most likely going to completely shift my focus.

First injection today, needles came a bit late. However I started my dbol yesterday.

Theres no need to check my sympathetic nervous system, its working aite to well actually… I didn’t feel nervous one bit, but my body went into some sort of crazy mode. Two minutes after I was dry, I was drenched in sweat, darkness closing in, about to pass out. But I retained all clear, conscious thought and had to force myself to stay awake. But usually when I’m nervous my thinking “disappears.” Hm… maybe I’m just scared of needles?(;

Im frontloading my first injection only because its originally only a 10 week cycle anyway. 600mg the first, 300mg every time hereafter.

I know everyone is different, but on average, with fresh receptors how long can I expect till i have sides, feel strength, and see size? From what I’ve read it seems about 2 days, 2-3 weeks, and 3+ weeks, respectively. But that was what I read on normal dozing. So how long should I expect with a doubled first dose?

if bodybuilding is your choice then, why dont you do it correctly? please do your self a favor by making it till 90kg bw naturally.

I’ve made my decision. I know its not the best but its the one I’ve made. So at least stand behind me and offer help and support, being an obviously more experienced member than myself because my choice won’t be changing. I don’t take any good advice with a grain of salt. If I’ve made a less-than-adequate decision, steer me in the right path.

Dbol is starting to kick in a bit more, I’m feeling slightly more aggressive in the gym. I can’t wait for it to really get going!!!

Leg was pretty sore today as expected. Next pin tomorrow, probably right glute.

well it is your body and your choice, now since you have started. how about revealing your age and start logging your “journey”

i can help you with programming for strength if you want but it wont be that bodybuilding-inclined, size and strength - explosive power if you wish. but you just say the word…

I’m 19. Very young. I’ll post that link about teens and steroids I was talking about in my original post when I can find it. I’m absolutely against UNEDUCATED teen steroid use! I am NOT advocating or promoting anyone under 22 or even 25 filing without plenty of research. Even still it is risky, as it is for anyone, but I feel it can be done correctly when properly educated.

I need to add size more than anything. However, I need to bring my Bench Press up to speed with the rest of my lifts, I could really use your help there!

Being my first cycle, what makes for a great log? What would people be most interested in seeing?;jsessionid=C6F141435528B8ECE85376B45B043AEE-mcd01.hydra?id=2183867&pageNo=1

Anyone doping under 22…

By the way, for logging purposes:
My second injection was today. This time I held my vial in my hand for a few minutes to get it to room temp for better viscosity and kept a mild heat pad on the injection site (right glute) afterwards, all for decreased pain. By this time on Tuesday my leg was killing me. I’m still sore. This one feels much better, but I do expect to be a little sore with virgin muscles. No anxiety or anything either, I was actually looking forward to it all day!


well i am no fan of the bench press and given that you want size more than everything i would recommend squatting 3x per week and doing pulls 2x a week (deadift - and variations, clean pull+shrug)
for three weeks work in hypertrophy phase 8-12 and deplete your legs with 4-5 sets
next 4 weeks of higher intensity squats and pulls, 5x5 6x6 and so on 4 sets and make sure its so heavy that you couldnt make another set of it. and optionally for all out one rep strength, final 3 weeks find a daily max, then do a three sets of doubles or 3x3 (with maximum weight you can handle)

only attempt this if your flexibility and technique is good, and this is just basically a hypertrophy phase - strength phase - and an explosive (power) phase

never stick with a rep range/weight for longer than a month, rotate intensity move from hypertrophy to strength again and again. make new tissue, make it stronger, make new tissue…

same principles apply everywhere you would like to add size but stick with the big exercises while you are on gear, it will grant most benefits. when you have reached your desired size the hypertrophy phase is slowly removed from the training cycle, and you work on strength and power if you desire all out strength

what brand of testosterone are you using? and for logging purposes - how you feel about recovery, how your weight is and if your weights improve. but pay attention to ligaments and sinew, you can exceed their capabilities and tear if you dont train smart. dont think about the numbers you are lifting - think about what you are trying to achive