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Very Spicy Food and Bioavailability


I love spicy Thai food.

I'll often get a curry or something to go, then bring it home and "make it last" by adding my own meat and vegetables to it.

In any case, I'm wondering how much, if any, of the nutrition am I getting or missing, eating extremely spicy food... that comes out burning asshole style.

Anyone have an answer? Is that my body treating it like a toxin, and just trying to get rid of it ASAP i.e. not absorbing the good fats, protein and micro-nutrients, is super-spicy food just like any other?



This is interesting. One of my buddies is Indian and eats a lot of spicy foods. Last year for a good 6 months we lifted together and ate similar macros/amounts, him a lot of spicy food and me almost none. I outgained him by a lot. Was thinking it was due to genetics, but op could be on to something.


I love spicy food..eat tons..and I am glad as hell I don't have your problem haha.....sorry I'm of no help lol


I think spicy foods give a boost to metabolism. Caspacin or whatever it is. Or so I heard once on an internet rumor board.


If anything, the piperine (if consuming hot peppers) may improve uptake of some compounds. I don't think there's any evidence of spicy food impairing nutrient absorption.

Of course, if in an individual case a given food gives GI distress, then that would be a different matter for that individual person.


Good to hear.

I'm just thinking of it throwing off your Ph balance so much your body is just trying to eject it.


Not a problem: your blood pH will not be thrown off.


As long as it's not too hot to chew you'll be fine!