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Very Sore and Swollen Hip

Hello. Wednesday I noticed very slight pain to the touch in my left hip. I woke Thursday feeling fine. Went to the gym and as I was warming up my legs for squats I notifed when I rolled on my left hip it was tender but not terrible. I noticed the pain while laying on my back with my legs in the air and rotating my body all the way from left to right.

I squatted with no noticeable pain and leg pressed. Shortly after I went to work and my left hip really began to get tender and stiffen up. It also felt swollen to the touch. When I got home I was able to noticeably see swelling and the difference between the two. Never had such stiffness and soreness along with swelling in my hip. Any thoughts? Ive taken lots of ibuprofen and ice which has helped a little. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Would like to avoid the doctor!