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Very Small Dose Clomid for LH Stimulation?

Just wondering, would a very small dose of Clomid, say 12.5mg EOD have a similar effect to HCG whilst on TRT?

I’m thinking it would gently tickle the pituatary gland into releasing LH in particular to keep the testicles from going completely dormant?

Any mileage in that approach or just wishful thinking?

I’ve recently restarted TRT with my preferred ester(s) Sustanon at 250mg every 10 - 14 days depending where I eventually feel most comfortable. This time around I want to keep the number of pins to the absolute minimum so no HCG by preference.

I think the issue is that this “tickle” doesn’t overcome the sledgehammer of egoxenous test that you’re injecting. I think I read someplace about SERMs not being able to overcome this , but I could be wrong

Fair comment Bro, makes sense

I have heard reports that TRT+clomid (microdosing) has worked for some, but most has issues on clomid.