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Very Skinny, Abs Workout?


Hi Builders,

I’m very skinny guy. Here are my details

Age: 29
Weight: 115 LB
Height: 6’2

Yea, I’m underweight (Because I was abused by my father when I was a kid). I’m sick and tiered of my weight and everyone laughing at me. So I decided to make a change. I joined in a Gym.

Is it good to do Abs workout ? As I’m very skinny you can count all my rib cage bones. I want to cover up all bones with muscles.

Please advice.


There is nothing wrong with having ab exercises at the end of your workout. It can help you in progressing with strength. Just don’t have abs as your priority. Focus on getting stronger, and putting on weight with a diet based around a lot of good, nutritious foods. Lift, eat, recover, repeat.

Progress in how much weight you lift in the big lifts, progress in how much you eat on your plate.


Are you looking to gain weight fast because like you said 6’2 115 is very very light. Have you seen a doctor? If suggest eating till you feel sick and drinking a gallon of whole milk a day till you fill out.


I’d definitely second this. Focus on getting strong overall first, eat well, and remember not to forget GPP.

My advice would be patience; don’t be too quick to jump in weight or with programs. Find what works for you and adhere. There are a fair amount of people who burn out because they only look at the short-term aspect of lifting. Best of luck.


You’ve gotten some great advice. I’m actually a big fan of the RKC plank. Here’s why: It takes at most a couple of minutes to get a few sets in with rest between sets. (If you can hold it for longer than 15 seconds, you simply aren’t doing it intensely enough!) That means it’s also easy to throw into a workout at the beginning to prime your core to be more involved on successive lifts, so that your core stays indirectly involved while you work on other lifts. That’ll cascade into hypertrophy benefits over time while you focus on the big lifts, which should be the bulk of your training. In other words, it’ll help you to workout your abs without taking time away from other lifts. And it will help those lifts get stronger in the meantime.

If you got any other questions, please post them. I started lifting at 6’!", 145 lbs. Not as light as where you’re starting, but I can relate to some of the gym struggles of being both light and tall. My first post on here was asking about how to do cable pulls without it lifting me off the ground!


Nothing wrong with doing some ab training. Some good advice here. I’d go along with doing a bit of abs at the end of a couple of sessions a week; and eat and eat and eat. Try to make it something that’ll make you stronger like RKC planks or ab wheel roll outs. I also like hanging leg raises.


Like the guys have said, you can train abs, sure. But that’s not going to actually solve your problem.

Following a good nutrition plan with protein, carbs, and healthy fats in each meal, and lifting weights with a good program to build muscle on your entire body will get you where you want to go.


ya sure, i agree with this healthy fat foods will make your body as perfect. And lifting programs will strengthen your muscles.All the best buddy!!!