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Very Random - Plate 'Nicknames'?


I was just wondering what the nicknames of the plates are such as 45lbs = wheels, 2.5lbs = biscuits etc..
Sorry for the randomness of this post and I wasn't sure where to put it but if anyone could help me out would be much appreciated.
Cheers people.


I've generally heard people use "plate" to denote 45lb plates and a "quarter" to be a 25. Then again, these were usually the folks who looked like they might not be able to handle the mathematics of "put on 185."


Oh.... damn. I thought this was about funny names on license plates.


45=plate 35=bastard 25 25=quarter 10=dime 5=nickle 2.5 & 1.25 both are known as the "record breakers"


people think they sound cool using nicknames.

anyone who ever called a 2.5 a "biscuit" just sounds like an idiot.


I've only ever called them plates, maybe I'm weird.


Since I pretty much only see people deadlifting less than 135, I've started calling the 45ers "big boy plates" when talking to these people.


45-plate (heard it called a wheel, but that's odd)

That's what I call them occasionally. Normally I just call them by their weight though.


I am fully guilty of this but only to non gym goers as there are some real decent lifters at my gym. When trying to describe how happy I was when I first started using the 45's for my DLs I did indeed call them "big boy plates"

of course the person didn't know exactly what plates were so they didn't laugh at my douchery.


No one else has heard people call a 2.5 lb plate a cookie before? Just me? Ok.


you're just mad you didn't think of it first


This is fun! Here's my list:

45 lb plate = 45 lb plate
35 lb plate = 35 lb plate
25 lb plate = 25 lb plate
10 lb plate = 10 lb plate
5 lb plate = 5 lb plate
2.5 lb plate = 2.5 lb plate



X2, it must be a Michigan thing :slightly_smiling:


I say:

two and a half


ive always called them cookies too. its gonna turn into an epidemic now


I say:


And for the 100's I say "C-note"

But when I'm doing skull crushers with the cambered bar and the 45's clamped in I call them "Tie Fighters" Because that's what it looks like.

You can use that one, I don't mind.


Yo bro slap on a 45
Pass me a 35
Let me put on another 25
Grab a t 10 lber
Fuck the 5s and 2.5 I am a beast, throw on another 10.


I call them hockey pucks.


I call them by their numbers, but I'm very bad for using slang anyway. I call beer beer and coffee coffee and I don't ask people to "hook me up with some of that shit" I say "Could you please give me one of those?"

It gets me in a little bit of trouble too, as people may ask what I did last night, so I say "I got drunk." Then they think I was throwing up or fighting on the streets covered in blood and the aforementioned vomit, but really it was four ounces of whiskey while listening to Nat King Cole....it's just that I wasn't technically sober and I don't want to say 'tipsy'.


Same reason I don't ever say something is "yummy"

Just doesn't sound right coming out of my mouth.