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Very Painful Lump in Glute after Injection

Hey first post on this site, so I hope I’m in the right section. I’m in the middle of a 12 week cycle that is as follows:
500 mgs test e

Week 1-4
60 mgs tbol ed

Week 7-12
60mgs anavar everyday

This is my sixth week in. The first two injections I did during week one of my cycle knotted up really badly and were extremely sore, where it hurt to sit or even walk. This pain went away after about a week or so. Now on my sixth week I opened a new vial of test and my first pin in my glute is swollen twice the size as the first time this happened, and even more painful. I have woken up from bumping it and it’s difficult to get in and out of my truck or even walk. I don’t think it’s an abscess, but I don’t know what would cause this. It seems weird that it happened on the first injections of both vials, at first thought it was my body reacting to a new substance, but they are both test 350 from the same lab.

Also my second injection from this vial was yesterday, and I have no soreness or swelling from it. After the first two injections I have heated the vial before every pin, and used one needle to draw and one to inject, also clean vial and injection site with alcohol pads. I am using 23ga 1 inch pins, could the oil be stuck between the skin and muscle? The lump is ab the size of if you were to cut a tennis ball in half and lay the two halves next to each other on my upper glute. Any help would be appreciated. Do I need to see a doctor? There is no redness or fever just a LOT of pain. It will have been a week on Thursday the 24th

I know for me, if I keep my vials of test to 300mg/ml max, it is alot less painful. I would rather push 2ml at test cyp 200 then 1ml of test 400… i think they use something different in the higher concentrates. I know with experience, you will find what works best. Dunno much but that test 350 threw up a red flag for me when I read your post. Hope you get it worked out.

Sorry should’ve mentioned I’m taking .7 mgs per pin so it’s roughly 245mgs every injection. Thanks for the response though

It’s not how much of it you’re taking so much as it’s what they use in it. There’s several different solvents but the more harsh ones are used for high concentrations

Hey if you haven’t already head to the ER and get it drained

The solvents are usually higher to suspend the gear. I would use another oil to cut with, like EQ or something similar

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I haven’t been to the doctor yet, so what do you think it is, a sterile abscess? Still hurts like hell, only reason I’m not more concerned is the fact that my first two injections had a similar result and went away over time with no medical attention.

I’ve had sterile one before and there was no pain. Usually pain is occurring because of increasing inflammation pressing on nerves, also sterile one will not grow from the original size.