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Very Old Nolvadex

Found my box of old gear from when I competed. Bunch of sealed unopened stuff I had forgotten all about, including this sealed bottle of Nolvadex… expired 2001 damn lol.

gear doesn’t go out of date per se, it just loses some strength over time. I have clen that expired last month and will be holding out til February to use it.

I knew they lose potency over time, but expired 17 years ago its safe to take? 4 months is a lil different, no?

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Liquid? I’d imagine that it has degraded to inert after nearly two decades.


yea it’s doubtful that safety would be an issue. But since you don’t know the amount of degradation, it’s not worth holding onto/using, because it would be impossible to dose correctly, even if it still has SOME potency.

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If it stayed dry and out of direct sunlight. I would say it is perfectly fine