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Very New to IGF, Would Love Any Help

My local supplement store all pro nutrition is now carrying IGF by pure solutions. The guy who owns the place is an ifbb pro and his name is Patrick Richardson. They say the product is great for recovery and lean mass gains, what I’m trying to figure out if its just a selling technique or what. I’ve did a pretty good amount of research and most of the shit about IGF is very detailed and confusing to someone like me who’s new to this area. I’ve took a good amount of good pro hormones but after my last cycle I got a minor case of gyno in which letro and prami took care of but I’m trying to stay away from that because I don’t want fucked up nipples. A guy from my gym said the igf by pure solutions is bullshit because you take it through the mouth and igf is injected to the muscle in which you wish have muscle tissue expansion. He said he just ordered some igf in powder form then reconstitutes it to a liquid in which you inject it into 3 body parts of your choice for I think he said 3-4 weeks. I really would love to get on this because of all the good things I hear about it but really want to know more about it and was hoping for any kind of help on the subject. Would really appreciate any help or suggestions.

I meant pure factors* not pure solutions. The company who makes it has pure factors ultimate and extreme.

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When companies try to market a product, they slap labels on the bottles which mock that of real steroids. An example is the retard on here who bought “Test-600”, and thought it was testosterone.

No, you cannot buy any variant of IGF in a supplement store, they just brand their product “IGF” as a selling edge for inexperienced noobs. You cannot swallow IGF because the amino acid will immediately dissociate ones it passed through the liver. You can only inject IGF.

Do a quick search online if you want the real stuff: ergopep, extremepeptide, greatwhitepeptides, exc.

Why are you looking to use IGF1?