Very Narrow Estradiol Range to Function Normally!

Hi guys,

I’m kind of exhausted from that issue. Since 2017 I’ve been on gear, competing. I’ve tried many different approaches, and the problem persists - my sweet spot for E2 seems to be very narrow, and I haven’t found anyone to have the same experience so far all these years. It’s really painful to live like that, I have to perform blood tests at least once weekly.

To start with, I’m an experienced and educated AAS user. No matter if using testosterone solo, or if in a stack with other androgens/E2-generating compounds, orals or injectables - the range I feel comfortable with is always 30-38 pg/mL (there are periods I check that in a lab even 2x/week!). To keep that in this range I base it on anastrozole’s (my only AI) half-lives dosing that daily with a 0,05 mg precision. It works well for a matter of 1, sometimes 2 weeks, but then I have to adjust that based on experienced side effects and lab results, for example increasing/decreasing the dose by 0,1 mg/daily.

Currently, I’m on a testosterone cypionate cycle (600 mg/wk, e3d dosing, along with 250 IU of hCG e3d as well), and there’s a need to use 0,15-0,25 mg of anastrozole daily, to keep E2 in the abovementioned range. All other hormones all in check, including thyroid hormones, progesterone, DHEA, prolactin, and so on. The same while using antidepressants (there were periods they were necessary).

Side effects I experience when below the range are almost the same as those associated with when above. The only difference is more exacerbated anxiety when too low and loss of appetite, and more nervousness when too high (no that anxiety then and appetite is often increased). Sexual function is reduced significantly in both states, but I experience it more when E2 is lowered. Fog mind and sleepiness, depressive thoughts are the same, and so on (joint pain, back pain, short-term memory, confidence level). However, those differences are rather subtle, I can’t predict if a state I’m in is caused by lowered or increased E2 - I always need to check that with lab results to decide how to dose my AI.

I’ve tried to use pharma-grade testosterone enanthate, as well as Omnadren - results when it comes to E2 were the same, but costs were significantly greater, obviously.

Do you know someone having the same trouble? Any ideas on how to solve that? Multiple guys who I coach are functioning very well when their E2 is way above the range, I wish I could too. The issue limits all my areas of life, not to say sometimes ruins it…

Stick to Trt, adjust AI, never have problems again?

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It seems your perceived sensitivity to subo-optimal E2 levels inhibit you from any sort of PED use. If I were you and felt like utter shit from even minimal blasts, I would opt for true TRT with test levels within normal ranges, if my natural T level production was lacking. Basically what Hank said.

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Seems like you have solved it. You know where you feel best and know what you need to take to get there

Thank you for your response guys, I really appreciate it.

How could switching to TRT change anything if still administering exogenous testosterone and AI is needed to prevent excessive aromatization? I don’t get it. What’s the difference between 70 or 800 mg of test per week, if aromatisation is in a nearly linear manner?

Well if AI is needed then it IS needed. Thats why it even exists - because for some people it is just NEEDED.

Well if it is in such manner, then where is your problem? You said that you cant pinpoint the AI dosage. How the hell not? If you take IDENTICAL amount of test, you should be able to take IDENTICAL amount of AI, and just be in your happy range.

I understood that your problem is that you fuck with steroids too much, and your levels are all over the place every month so you cant really pinpoint the AI dosage.
As long as you stay on IDENTICAL dosage of test, there shouldnt be a problem to take the amount of AI needed to be in your happy range.

Is it tho?