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Very Low Testosterone - 18 Years Old


Hello guys, I am new here and am desperately seeking advice.

For about the past two months, i have simply felt like i am in a funk. I have been depressed, depersonalized, anxious, low, tired, weak, etc. It finally got to the point where it was hard for me to wake up in the morning. I literally spent all day obsessing over negative thoughts and how i felt.

I decided to go to the doctor and he wanted to start by having me get my blood drawn to see if anything stood out in particular. My blood work came back and we found that I had hypothyroidism. I was put on medication. However, for the past month i felt no better, and my symptoms were the same if not worse.

I told my doctor that i wanted to also have my testosterone checked in my next blood test. He agreed, and last week i went to get my blood drawn.

The results came back yesterday and i found out that my Thyroid is back in range which is good news

Free T4 .86
TSH - 3.81

But that my testosterone was very very low

Sex hormone binding Globulin 19.5 nmol/L
Testosterone, total 176 ng/dL
Free testosterone 42.5 pg/mL
Testosterone, % Free 2.4

My doctor told me that the only thing that matters is testosterone % free, and that since technically i am "in range" in that category that i am fine.I however think that is BS. Everything that i have been reading says that for my age my testosterone total should be at least around the 500 range, and that my testosterone level would be considered low for even an old man.

I guess the reason that i am posting this is that i need advice on where to go from here. If anyone read all of this and has any opinion at all it would be greatly appreciated. I know i am new but please if you can help it would really go a long way. I feel hopeless.


First off your doctor is an asshole and has no idea what he is talking about.

Your thyroid is not good.. Ranges are bullshit. Over 2 is a problem. Good is one and still that depend on what fr3, ft4 says.. Tsh is not the gold standard for thyroid anymore.. That's old news.

Your testosterone is low, try and find out why. People with thyroid problems as myself do not feel well on trt. I am currently getting off testosterone to try and naturally fix my problem.
If you have no choice after all options are exhausted and you know what your problem is.. Then maybe consider trt.

Read the thyroid basics sticky. Do not jump on iodine..

Read advice for new guys sticky. Post all labs with ranges and units, no one can help you without ranges.

You need a ton more labs. You can order them from www.lef.org.

Has anyone told you why you may have a thyroid problem?

Tsh, ft3, ft4, rt3, tgab,tpo,tsi are a good start for thyroid labs.


TSH is best near 1.0

F3, T4, fT3, fT4 should are best near mid range.

fT3 and fT4 are the most important as T3 and T4 can vary with differing amounts of thyroid binding globulin

Your body temperatures are the best overall indicator of your thyroid function.

So why do you have a thyroid problem? You need a diagnosis that rules auto immune issues in or out.

If you have had an iodine deficiency, you may need to take iodine. Above post suggests that you get more labs first.


I'm not really sure why I have a thyroid problem. My dad, grandma, and aunt have been on thyroid meds their whole life. So maybe it is just genetic/hereditary.


Your total T is extremely low.

Ditto on Thyroid problem.

Read the stickies and get the labs suggested.


Read the thyroid basics sticky and post your body temperatures. If body temperatures are low, your thyroid medication may need to be increased. Some taking T4 meds do not properly convert T4-->T3 in peripheral tissues and they need to take a T4+T3 drug.

Read the above sticky. The advice for new guys sticky explains many things, including terminology.

You are not responding to details: Do you use iodized salt?