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Very Low Test. Possible?

Hi , here the facts:

I’m 34 yo.

I’ve been training 3-4 days/week for the last 6 months. Since January I’ve noticed a fall in mood, strength and sex libido. So, I tried Androgel 1 packet/day for 15 days. Two week later I done a bood test.

The results was:

PRL 15 (1-20) ng/dl
FSH 0.5
LH 2.2
Total testosterone 69 ng (280-800). !!!

I’m surprised with these results.
Can Androgel be a cause of this very low T level?
Is something wrong?
Can affect diet and exercise/stress?

Have an appointment with Endo next week

I’m waiting for new results. Perhaps Testosterone was high when I cut Androgel, and FSH/LH was off. It’s possible what in the next days whith no LH,FSH stimulation and no exogenous T remaining, my T was lowering and raising LH, but I don’t know how much time takes to HTPA recovering feedback control. Should LH be higher when T is only 69, or takes a time for reaction?

P.D. Sorry for my English, I’m from Spain

That is very low, it is probable that cutting the androgel after 15 days left you with no natural testosterone, no exogenous test. (from teh androgel) and now your body is attempting to recover. Thus the LH reading. If you feel OK i would wait one more month and have tests run again and see if it improves on its own, you might add a natural booster such as Alpha Male, but if possible avoid furhter drugs unless you intend to stay on HRT for life in which case you should find a suitable HRT Doc and work out a protocol.