Very Low T & Relationships?

Hi all,

I’m 23. Felt a bit “off” and got a blood test. Found out that my TOTAL testosterone count is 47. This was all be fixed pending a second round of bloodwork and an MRI, however, my question is RE: relationships and low T.

Obviously a side effect of low T is reduced libidio and less erections, but is there anything else that might be problematic in regards to relationships (aside from appearance)? I know people say mood swings/lack of energy are often an issue, but it’s certainly not from me.

I’m close to being in a relationship with a girl who currently lives 4 hours away. She had to temporarily move away for work but is coming back within a few months. She wants me to come visit, but I’m afraid to do it before receiving treatment.

Aside from sex drive, will I have less romantic attraction or act differently in that regard now than I would after receiving treatment?

Thanks for your thoughts.

Watching; I would also like to know. Although I was 293 in my mid-twenties, I’m 93 now at 28 years old (just got results yesterday) and this could also be a valid reason for a degrading relationship over the past year or two (aside from not initiating).


What made you wait so many years to get treatment at those sort of levels? I for one, have not been able to progress with my life after confirmation of my levels. It’s psychological, when you know you’re not well, it feels like you are microscopically analysing all your symptoms.

On the relationship, yes hormonal problems can make a relationship very dull. I have been dating my girlfriend for almost 5 years and i have always been quite serious in the relationship, however in the last 3 years or so, relationship has lost something. Bear in mind, all my symptoms gradually started appearing at the same time. It feels like a great effort having sex on 2-3 times a month even for me, i lack energy to go out with my gf and do fun things, i am worn out in a couple hours just wanting to lie down and sleep. This is quite abnormal for a 25 yo like me. I don’t have massive problems with erections, but lack of drive and energy is what has been making my relationship messy.

I’m a disabled USMC vet and have always attributed my downs with that. My wife has always been there to support me as far as that’s concerned though.

However, at my peak physical self, I tested at 293 - somewhat on the low end of the spectrum - which was still in range. Plus, I was still making gains, so it really wasn’t an issue.

I only got tested again, 4 years later at 28 years old, to see my test baseline to know my recovery point after a cycle. Come to find out, I’m well below normal at 93.

Now, I’m in the process of seeing what’s attributed to my preexisting disability, low test, and natural aging. It’s only speculatory at this point.

I’ve always been able to get and maintain diamonds; that’s never been a problem. But, the interest in sex has faded over the years to where it needs to be initiated, or it won’t even cross my mind. Again, can that be my mental state or low T? Since I have the other variable to contend with of psychological disorders, it’s hard to distinguish between the two now that I’m faced with the numbers. I think the only way to solve it is injecting some test and seeing if I feel better and 24 again?

Not something that I can really discuss with a doc being in Japan with a significant language barrier and all…