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Very Low T. How to Lower T Even More for Blood Test?

Hi guys,

since 2 years, my T is very low.
I’m 180cm, 85kg, 31years old here my values:

December 2018: TT 280ng/dl
March 2019: TT 330ng/dl
March 2020: TT 205ng/dl
June 2020: TT 330ng/dl
Oktober 2020: TT 350ng/dl

I tried every measurement possible over the last two years by supplementing, proper nutrition, proper exercise/rest and so on but I can’t get my levels higher than 330/350ng/dl.

This would be no problem if I wouldn’t have typically low T symptoms like depression, tiredness most of the day, no motivation and very poor libido.

The thing is that docs in Germany where I live won’t prescribe TRT until you take 2 actual independent measurements where you are below 300ng/dl.

It could be that in the test, I’m slightly above the 300, they won’t prescribe me TRT and I still have fucked up symptoms risking my job, relationship and so on.

So I look for ways to bring down my T beforde the blood test so that I’m clearly under the reference range - I thought of:

  • drinking several cups of green tea the day before bloodwork
  • heavy exercise the day before bloodwork
  • drink some beer the night before bloodwork
  • wake up very early the day of bloodwork

Do you guys have any other recommendations? Are there any other guys from Germany on TRT, would love to have some exchange esp. with you.


The most effective ways to lower your testosterone even further would be:

  • calorie restriction in the weeks leading up
  • sleep deprivation the nights prior

Drinking beer the night before the blood test probably won’t be enough, I tried it myself personally and it didn’t change shit. The things that will have the largest effect will be intense calorie restriction and sleep deprivation. Maybe do the blood test on a Saturday, and Friday night only sleep for like 3-4 hours? Then you’ll still have Saturday night and Sunday night to recover. Also eat at a 500-1000 calorie deficit for 1-2 weeks prior. I would also eat a carb / sugar intense diet the week prior to drive SHBG and Total Testosterone down. I would also only eat Polyunsaturated fat in the weeks prior, avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol. You can also limit your total fat intake to below 20% the days before your blood test. You should also do the blood test as late in the morning as you legally can.

Good luck

Thank you jordan, good tips regarding sugar and fat intake.

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You could also try consuming sugar before the blood test, I believe this lowers testosterone, but you would have to do some more research.

Not for everyone but a sarm such as LGD for a couple of weeks will plummet your T.