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Very Low T and Very Low Vitamin D. Related?


oh, I see. Im just happy to see that they are in the “normal” range finally.

Of course my goal is to continue to get them higher as naturally as possible before committing to a lifetime of T replacement.


Ok. That’s a good plan before and if you go on trt. Like this if you go on it, you tried things.


You know I see a lot of guys believe they can solve things naturally, but the true is most fail. Your pituitary gland has already shown its weakness otherwise your levels would be super dooper and it’s only a matter of time. Your resistance is futile. If you were in the mid 400 range it’s quite possible you could hold off on TRT for awhile, but eventually you will lose.


Thanks man. Ive seen that it can increase through natural means so I want to follow that path to its conclusion. I still need to work on losing weight, and of course I havent started doing resistance training, which ive heard can increase testosterone.


All I can say about that is, don’t invest too much money, time, or hope into “natural” ways to boost your test. Some might work for short term, but eventually your TT will keep dropping and you will NEED trt.


thank you. So far all Ive done is cut things out of my diet that have been shown to reduce T.


It’s like a poor running engine, you can add octane booster to improve things but at the end of the day the engines just tired and eventually it will fail. I’ve seen so many guys waste valuable time fighting the inevitable.


I think he gets the point. No need to keep harping on him. He should try and it may work. Esp losing weight. How old r u anyway OP?


Sometimes I get overly passionate, I mean well.


Ik. We all do. Because we know how it feels like to be low t and then it going up and being better and healthier.
If OP is under 25 or so it’s def worth him trying.


Im late 30s.


@el_luchador, I feel like you have a good mindset on this. You should pursue a natural route. Diet. Train your ass off. Use supplements that actually work. Work with your doctor to find medicinal treatments that can help (hcg, Clomid, nolvadex). Educate yourself and if no one is willing to help you then help yourself. I tried the “natural” route for years. Thought I could fix everything with supplements, herbs ECT ECT. Try the restart stickies and give it hell. Be a success story. I’ll be cheering you on. Peace out brother.


thanks so much for the support!!!

Im not against taking T and I believe I will eventually start it, but I want to eliminate all natural issues first. I mean, why do men nowadays have approx half the T that our grandfathers had?

so far Ive given up

  • tap water(some nasty stuff- chlorine, fluoride, bacteria, drugs, etc)
    -diet soda
    -wheat flour
    -most processed foods

Im eating a lot more fruits and veggies.
I feel 10x better than I did a year ago when I felt like I was going to die. I just want to max it naturally so Im not using T replacement to mask something potentially major


You need to eat healthy fats and meat, some guys who cut those out see T levels plummeting. Avocados are real good!


Perhaps part of it is: https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/naked-truth-xenoestrogens


Well, F me.!!!

Thanks for posting that. I had no idea. I plan to start eating more oranges and black grapes.

Being obese also doesn’t help me.

Does anyone know - does increasing T via trt help with weight loss, or lead to clinging on to weight?



Theoretically it is supposed to aid in insulin sensitivity. You can maximize the T by hitting the gym and putting on some extra LBM to aid in your metabolism too.

“Relationship Between Testosterone Levels, Insulin Sensitivity, and Mitochondrial Function in Men”

CONCLUSIONS—These data indicate that low serum testosterone levels are associated with an adverse metabolic profile and suggest a novel unifying mechanism for the previously independent observations that low testosterone levels and impaired mitochondrial function promote insulin resistance in men.