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Very Low Libido 3 Years After 3 Months TRT


Hi everyone,
3 years ago I was really depressed and went to the doc to seek help. He found out my testo levels were at the range of 3 microg/l with a low SHBG of 13 mmol/l as well. My symptoms at the time included tiredness, bad mood and brain fog but my libido was always doin good even when my depression hit me hardest. My doc back then advised me against TRT since my T was in range (even though lower end of range), but I pushed him to give it a try since I was really desperate.

So I put on that 50 mg gel for 3 months and felt better than ever before. However when I stopped applying the gel I fell into a hole. I got attacks of sweating, no libido at all and was tired for a week or so. I went to the doc again. They did a lab test, an echo of the testicles and a spermiogramm. My lab results were almost the same as before with a slightly higher lh to testo correlation.

The echo revealed no damage and according to the spermiogramm Im not only not infertile but somehow hyperfertile with almost double as many sperm soldiers as the average german man. :wink: But ever since then I stopped developing a sex drive around women and my nuts are driving me nuts because I stopped "feeling" them. Before I used to have a warm feeling down there. Now its all gone. Ive done several blood test and they all come back the same every time. Now I know Im a psychosomatic but since then 3 years have passed. Other than having no libido right now I get attacks of sweating, am tired all the time and with a body weight 0f 209 lbs (94 kg) and a body fat percentage of appr. 27% and high blood fat very close to metabolic syndrome.

The first thing Im gonna do now is starting a diet of 1000 kcal deficit a day with swimming, cycling and weight lifting but other than that what else can be the cause of the problem? Im trying not to take it seriously but in reality the problem is killing me. I cant live like that anymore.


I would appreciate any advice and hint/reason for my problems.


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