Very Low Free Testosterone Level

I’m new here and this is my first post, so please excuse any mistakes.

My question is regarding my low Free Testosterone Levels.

I’m 41 male, and I’ve been suffering from dozens of conditions for years now, no doctor has ever been able to diagnose anything and usually gave me anti-depressants and pain killers.

Untill recently, I watched a small video where Dorian Yates was talking about testosterone replacement therapy and it suddenly clicked me that I had all the symptoms on the list. That almost all of my conditions were one way or the other related to my low test levels

I was so sure of my diagnosis that I bought an injection first and then gave my blood sample to the lab. After giving blood sample didn’t wait for the results and injected myself a full ampule of 180mg TE. It could been a placebo effect but I was feeling better and more energy the next morning.

I’ve never ever used anything before, this is the first time I’ve injected myself anything. Don’t use supplements either. I workout a couple of times a week but not a proper bodybuilder or anything, but my workouts immediately felt better even after two days of first shot.

I told the lab that I want to know my Free Testosterone Levels as well, but they tested Only for Free testosterones and didn’t mention Total Test levels, anyways since I was interested in Free Ts so here it goes.

Three days later the lab report came in, and my suspicion and diagnosis was right, Extremely Low levels.

Here’s what report says:

Free Testosterone :

1.89 pg/ml


0.189 ng/dl

I started my TRT 14 days back with 180mg Testosterone Enanthate shot to my quad, and the others on my delts and have been injecting 180mg every week so today was my third shot. Total of 540mg in 14 days. That is I’ll be injecting 720mg per month. I can only get glass ampules of 180mg, I can’t reuse it once broken if I use a divide dose of twice a week or something, so that’s an issue too.

Now the thing is I feel good for two three days and then I feel kinda weak. Maybe it’s too early to tell as it’s only been 14 days in total on TRT everyone says it really starts starts to kick in after the third week.

Now my question is how bad is my lab report? And what should be my protocol?
I know I should go see a doctor but can’t go to a doctor right now.

So any suggestions, recommendations are welcome.

Bad. You’re on the right course, but it’ll take 6-8 weeks. Patience is key


Hey thanks man

Get new labs in 10 weeks, in the mean time fill 2 syringes with 90mg and inject every 3.5days. The Test oil will be sterile and fine if left in the syringe. Test E should give you some therapeutic relief within hours to days, and then it begins to build up in your system. I fill 7 syringes every Sunday, and inject once a day. You’re going to need a full panel and get a better idea of where you’re headed. You made a bold and good choice.

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Ok, I’ll get tested again, and will get the full panel too.

About pre-filling syringes, it gets very hot here these days, around 110°F in the afternoons, do you think they will keep good for that long? If it does then it’ll be good apart from the obvious reasons because pumping 1ml tends to hurt where as 0.5ml feels quite comfortable as I’m pinning my delts as quads didn’t go too well.

Thank you so much for great suggestions.

P.S. About my bold choice, the moment I injected I was feeling completely depleted of all energy and it felt like I only had literally a few more minutes and then I’ll either crash or die.

I didn’t have enough energy to go to the lab so I opted for their home service, and as soon as the guy took blood sample, I went in my room and took the shot, and started feeling better an hour or so later, have been feeling good ever since. Looks like I have to thank Dorian Yates for that 3 minute video clip, turned out to be a life saver. :slightly_smiling_face:

Store it in a cool dry place. Wrapped up in a towel in a drawer should lower the temp, besides Test doesnt go bad or separate due to warmth. You’ll be fine

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give it several weeks and after 3 months recalibrate. You might need more if its not working.

If you still feel fatigued and out of energy, check yoru thyroid as well. Free t3 shoudl be top of range, free t4 mid range and tsh shoudl be below 1. TSH above 1 is a sign that the thryoid is starting to degrade in performance.

Insurance only covers if you are above 5 tsh,. meaning you are already sick and they dont give a F if you are sick. they just want to make it harder for you to get them to pay for your treatment. Meaning go find a doctor that specializes in this area of hormones to see if you need it. Just about every doctor that accepts insurance will tell you that you are fine if you arent very very very very unhealthy in this deparment.

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Got it, good point.
But the problem is I have no insurance, so I have to pay for everything myself.

Thanks :+1:

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Great, will do.


This is typical sick care, slap a bandaid on and send you home without ever investigating the cause of your symptoms.

Buy a sterile vial and transfer the test and now you can store it for longer periods of time.

Your hormone levels will reach a steady state at 4-6 weeks which is do to the enanthate half-life and whenever you change your dosage again, you will be in a kind of hormone limbo for 4-6 weeks.

Also some guys need to inject frequently otherwise as the hormones start declining and if sensitive to these fluctuations, this will make treatment less effective if you don’t move injections closer together.

There are labs you need to monitor as time goes on even if you don’t have a doctor.

  • Total T
  • Free T
  • CBC
  • Lipids
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
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4-6 weeks for stabilizing every time we adjust dosage sounds very intimidating.
I didn’t know changing doses was that big of deal for the system. So I should stick to a strict schedule timing dosage and everything.

How soon should I get my blood work done?
Also who is total Tests important?

Thank you for the detailed reply

Changing doses is not a big deal for the system for most. A few, like you will see here, are overly sensitive to even slight adjustments, but not many.

I wouldn’t worry about “stabilizing”. It will take a while to achieve the full benefits of TRT so don’t overthink it.

The vast majority of guys on TRT inject once weekly and once every two to four weeks if going through their PCP. I would not do once every two weeks, but once a week is probably fine. If you notice a trend, you feel run down towards the end of your week, etc., you can go to twice weekly dosing. You can go to every day for that matter, some do, but once a week is usually fine.

If you are interested in the number, go six weeks after a dose change before testing. I typically test guys after the first six weeks, but after that three months and eventually every six months. We’ll make a dose change and not run labs for three to six months, as long as they feel well.

Total testosterone is not as important as free testosterone.

Take your testosterone, enjoy your life, don’t obsess over it.


Good advice, thanks a lot. :+1:

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