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Very Low Cholesterol


Just wondering if anyone else has low T because their cholesterol is abnormally low. It is believed I have a genetic issue called "Hypobetalipoproteinemia" and my total cholesterol is 80.



Say that fast three times after a couple shots of jager.


I have said it so many times by this point I prob could haha


So does this mean you get to eat unlimited amounts of butter and bacon? I think that alone would almost be worth TRT.


Haha I guess it does! My total cholesterol is literally 80. Nothing I eat makes that number budge. Sounds awesome but cholesterol is pretty important. I'd trade those bacon strips in any day to have a normal life


I have the same problem. My overall cholesterol is 73, I have been diagnosed with hypobetalipoproteinemia, and my T is low too. It's nice to know there is someone out there with similar problems :slight_smile:


So, since you have a low carrier protein level for LDL do you have an elevated HDL?


Yeah I am there too. total cholesterol is 109, hdl is 31, ldl is 69 and triglycerides are 44. total test is 236 and free is 5.67. Been on a carb cycle for over a month with chicken and fish as main sources of protein. some salmon and beef on high fat days. Going to change up to keto diet focusing on eggs and steak to see if that increases both cholesterol and test.


I have high cholesterol (though I got it down to 199 last blood test) and am on TRT. Talk about a beyatch...