Very Low Carb Diet = Bad

Low-carb diets linked to atherosclerosis and impaired blood vessel growth.

You’ll also find studies saying the opposite. Look, most of these studies are done by individuals who think that fats are bad, protein kills your kidneys and the food guide to “healthy” eating is the be all, end all to everyone’s nutritional needs.

What about Insulin’s effects on lipogenesis amd inflammation? The tables CAN turn around and disprove that study.

I’m not directing this at you, more so at the study, who conducted it and the fact that there is little funding for low carb diets.

Case in point. Carbs aren’t bad. Fats aren’t bad. Protein definitely isn’t bad. The amount of each in your diet is dependent on…guess what…your physiology, which is different for everybody.

But let me say this though. If either fat or protein (or both) were removed from your diet, you would die eventually. If carbs were removed…you’d live.

Just mice, but kind of interesting, nontheless.

I predict 5 years before we start seeing epothetial progenitor cell (EPC) supplements on the market.

[quote]forbes wrote:
You’ll also find studies saying the opposite.[/quote]

I agree.

But read carefully, the study says “a diet consisting of 12 percent carbohydrate, 43 percent fat, 45 percent protein is bad”. That’s not low carb, it’s mighty low carb. It’s not something I would do long-term, but I guess there might be some people who could feel tempted to try it. The animal models show it’s pretty bad.

Myself, I find the 33%/33%/33% (in terms of calories) diet pretty easy to follow and it doesn’t seem like it’s bad in any way.

“In order to keep the calorie count the same in all three diets, we had to substitute a nutrient to replace the carbohydrates. We decided to substitute protein because that is what people typically do when they are on these diets.”

theres a mistake right there
shouldnt replace the carbs with protein
but replace carbs with fat

but i guess its still a kind of lowcarb diet for people afraid of fat

[quote]gargra wrote:

but i guess its still a kind of lowcarb diet for people afraid of fat[/quote]

You don’t think a low carb diet is any diet with “low” carbs, instead it must be a “low carb, highish fat and high-ish protein”? Is english your first language?

these studies all depend on who is doing the study and what they are looking for/where they are coming from.

[quote]MODOK wrote:
Why don’t they include lions, tigers, and bears in their study? They seem to do a-ok on a low carb diet.[/quote]


Hey guys, we just did this study in which we deprived mice of their primary natural calorie source and for some reason they had increased risk for disease. Crazy huh?!