Very Last Week to SIGN-UP for Hardcore Powerlifting's $9,000 HERCULES 2012 (Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo, March 31st)

To date, for our $9,000 MHP HERCULES 2012 competition, we’ve got the following number of participants verbally or officially signed up: 8 Squatters, 11 Benchers, 12 Deadlifters and 6 Overhead Push Pressers. As of now, we’re looking at 20 total competitors, with most performing 1 or 2 lifts and with just over half the field being 276+ pounds body weight a piece.

We’re running on the limited tradeshow time frame, so we can sign 4 more squatters, 1 or 2 more benchers, 1 or 2 more deadlifters and another 6 overhead pressers (so, up to 4 more athletes competing for the 4 lift heavyweight overall HERCULES 2012 title.)

HOUSE OF PAIN Ironwear needs to start on the official competitor uniforms by March 7th.

If you’d like to join the roster and compete on March 31st (Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo, Mesquite Rodeo Convention Center, Mesquite / Dallas, Texas) then PLEASE contact our promotional office immediately:

Voicemail: 1 (503) 221-2238
On Facebook listed under Sean Katterle

Page 1 of the Entry Form:

Page 2 of the Entry Form:

Again, please call and leave a voicemail, send us an email and/or leave us a message on Facebook (I’m on there under my name, Sean Katterle) before March 7th and let us know that your entry form is on it’s way and what size House of Pain t-shirt and gym shorts we need to order for you for your competitor’s uniform. Thanks!