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Very Important Arimidex Question

Hey dudes im new here so i thoght i would start off by trying to get some advice. Here is my problem anti-estrogens totally mess me up. I was taking Nolvadex with my last cycle and it gave me a crazy hot flash and i was all sweating and my heart started racing this only last like 1 min or so.

So then i thought ok well i try some arimidex well i started taking that at just .25mg EOD and on like my 3rd dose or so after like an hour from taking it my heart started going crazy irregular and beating really hard. I got really dizzy and started sweating a lot.

My irregular heart beat lasted for like 3 days and i finally decided to go to the ER b/c i thought better safe than sorry, well they ran blood tests, EKG, and chest X-ray and finally let me go a few hours later.

Anyone else have this problem or have any advice on what i should do? Im taking some equipoise right now and im not sure what im gonna need for post cycle recovery much less if i start to get some gyno or something in the middl eof this cycle and im really scared to take those things again.

Sorry so long but i’ve really been needing some input

what did the hospital say the deal was?