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Very High TT and Free T, Bloodwork Advice?

Hey guys,

A little over a month ago I changed my protocol and recently received bloodwork results.

Currently injecting 15mg ED of test P
No AI or HCG over the last month.

Symptoms I’m experiencing:
Extreme Fatigue
Wake up sweeting
Sudden and frequent urges to pee; can’t retain water.
Clicking/poping joints
Libido is 4-5 on a 10 scale.

My next move is to reduce my daily dose to 10mg of Test P AND now reintroduce HCG 3/wk @250 IU.

Any advice, critique, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Well your E2 is low. Have you tried injecting EOD or twice a week to bring that up?


You present with symptoms that indicate E2 is low, I bet if you used to Sensitive estrogen test E2 would be lower. You’re not converting much testosterone to estrogen, you need less testosterone and more estrogen.

You’re not retaining water, that’s a sign of low E2, clicking and popping joints is the most obvious sign. We have a few member who have chronically low E2 who do well on EOD injections. Maybe too frequent injections is lowering E2.

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Thanks, yes I agree it’s too low! I have considered less frequent injections and may go that route as a plan B.
Ideally I’d like to incorporate hcg and I’m hoping that will also help bring up my E2. But maybe It won’t be enough considering I need to lower my test dose.
I’m trying to stick to one variable at a time and for now, I plan to inject 10mg Test P daily and add in the HCG. Then retest in a month.

Has anyone been in a similar situation and had success by adding in HCG to help raise E2?

HCG will increase estrogen and just about everyone.

Well hopefully I’m on the right track with my plan! If it’s not enough, I’ll reduce injection frequency.
Thanks for the responses.