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Very High Test Levels

Anyone had their test levels checked out? Any issues? My wife is worried mine is too high. I take roughly 350/750 mg a week depends if I do one or two shots. My free test was near 900 and my test was 2900. Doc says cardiovascular is the worry with high T. Anyone have this high or higher and info? Thank you.

Supraphysiological T values aren’t healthy. So your doc is right.

So you’re injecting supraphysiological doses of T and you’re wondering that you got supraphysiological levels of T? If you don’t want these levels, take a TRT dose.


How long are you running those doses? Typically 10-12 weeks is a cycle of that dose and then yo would revert back to a TRT dose ~150mg/wk for the long term. Running that permanently would likely be seriously shortening your life span.

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This is a lot for a cruise, and I’m not sure about why there is a range of 400 mg/week.

Like the others have said, its OK for a blast but you need to drop down to 200 - 250 mg/week for a while and get retested. I know that it feels great at those levels (at least I did) but you can’t run that forever. Hell, your RBC is going to get too high you wont even be able to donate.

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As others have said, if you are interested in longevity you would be wise to lower your dose. You should feel good with a high normal TT. I would do this using TRT dosages.

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Apparently my T levels were higher than I thought but I’ve ran this for 3 weeks now. But I will drop dosage down and re test.

The reason for the range is if I forgotten a shot that week otherwise it would have been 750. But I’m gonna lower dosage and thanks for the information.

So recommended TRT is 150/250? Think I may hit that 250 a week and do that Flanders see where it goes.

My natural T levels *

Are you running a cycle, trt, or blast and cruise. You last post confused me. If cycling / blasting you will have high levels, and should be above high normal.

Yeah running a cycle but since it’s that high I’m gonna just drop down.

Okay, for a cycle being high is not to bad. You could do the “standard” 500 mg/wk.

ahh ok for a cycle thats not bad, but for a cruise then 200ish?

It depends on the person. I am on 200 mg/wk. What were your natural levels? Mine were trash (upper 300s) before I ever took anything. If you have good levels, I would encourage you to PCT.

Honestly I’m not sure my levels before I got this test just bc I was getting tested for sweating issues I’ve had my whole life.

I would PCT after your cycle then. I would not run TRT levels for a cycle as it is likely not favorable in a risk / reward sense.

Suggestions on that?

On PCT? Nolva 40, 40, 20, 20. I would wait 3-4 weeks after you last pin if using test C or E.

You could use HCG in between the last test shot and the Nolva if you want to be a bit more optimal IMO. Stop the HCG 2-3 days before the Nolva. If it is me, I would run 300-500 iu EOD.

I started on TRT and then did a cycle (blast). I have never PCT’d, but I do have theoretical knowledge.

I appreciate the assistance.