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Very High Test and High Estrogen

Did a cycle of cyp/deca 8 weeks. 250 cyp and 500 decade 2xweek. Trt after for about for about 12 weeks 250 cyp. Did blood 6 weeks into try and results were 2300 test and 111 estrogen. Upped my anastrozole to 5mg a week. 6 weeks later and current blood test. Test 2300 and free test 900 and estrogen 90. How can I bring my estrogen down. Anastrozole doesn’t seem to work for me. My dr isn’t helping.

Try aromasin.

I had high estro and I’m currently on 12.5mg per day for next 30 days.

Also proper diet, cardio, training sessions in gym.

Stop worrying about your numbers. How do you FEEL?

I don’t feel anything unusual really. My libido is low and morning erections are sporadic. Night time erection is there when needed. I was planning another cycle and got the second test just as a before market to go off of. Now I’m hesitant to start. Really I feel normal for a 42yr old. Next cycle test cyp and EQ