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Very High Sex Drive

using 600mg Test e and dbol-25mg ED.

im at the end of week 4 and my sex drive is getting on my nerves… im 25 and never had a sex drive like this…

will my sex drive lessen once i come off the Dbol?
im about to start my Tren E portion of the cycle as well, shouldnt that help lower libido some?

if i had it my way right now i could run through a box of rubbers on some bitch every day.



fromt he little I know, it is the test u r taking. people use test as a base to keep ther sex drive intact, amongst other things

well yeah Test will make it rise… im looking for something to bring it down… the test is staying for atleast 8 more weeks… making too good of gains.

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Find a nympho girlfriend?

working on the nympho GF… i’m recently seperated - 4 weeks ago… not going into that can of worms…

Seriously, you’re problem is that your sex drive is too high? There are lots of ways you could pharmaceutically lower your sex drive, but I wouldn’t recommend them. A SSRI or an opiate habit might do the trick :wink:

its way worse than when i was in my teens. i just gotta find a decent slut i guess…

Maybe add deca or fina next time. My libido went up the first day i shot test prop. I feel like having sex all the time, even right after sex The girlfriend is loving it.

Mine is killing me too. 600mg test e, 250mg deca is even in there and still my damn libido is crazy! shit is waking me up in the middle of the night! Got a fat 3/4 of the day