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Very High Prolactin, Low Sex Drive, Low Energy

Hi all,

Been a long time background viewer of the topics on here but First time posting today.

Age - 25
Been lifting for past 5 years despite struggling massively to build muscle.

I have been experiencing moderate low test symptoms for the past two years now and finally had some proper tests done. (See below)

Prolactin is super high, would this perhaps be causing the low test symptoms despite free test results being within “recommended range”.

I’m not seeing low-T in your labs, I am seeing low estrogen which could cause fatigue, and low libido. The high prolactin could cause low libido as well. The high prolactin could have many causes, a microadenoma or a thyroid problem (high TSH) and medications.

You say you’ve been struggling to build muscle, sure testosterone helps with muscle building potential, genetics also plays a role.

Regarding the prolactin, are you on any medications?

Total T is normal for the average non trt guy of today. Free T isn’t great mostly due to your high SHBG. Your estradiol is in the toilet. In regards to prolactin, did you ejaculate anytime close to the time labs were taken? That can register as high prolactin. If so, abstain for a good 3 days and run labs again. If still high you would need to verify for a prolactemia (ask your doc) to rule this out. Also run TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 next time.

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